I Put Opponent To The Ultimate Test!! What He Does Will Shocks Everyone!! Poker Vlog Ep 214

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I Put Opponent To The Ultimate Test!! What He Does Shocks Everyone!! Ep 214

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  1. I drop everything I’m doing when I see you uploaded. Thanks for the amazing content Brad! Congrats on the new Channel!

  2. From playing 1-2 to being part owner of the lodge and a WPT sponsored player what a come up lot of hard work and the American dream is possible long time subscriber been fun to watch you on this journey Brad keep going man Sky’s the limit

  3. Subscribed to the new channel few days ago and Love to see it! Congrats on everything Brad! Enjoy your summer man.

  4. Best part of any day: Seeing Poker legend Mr. Brad Owen has uploaded.

    Thanks for everything and good luck!

  5. Man! You definitely are putting fear in your competitors when you sit down at that table! So much fun to watch your videos!

  6. these limits are too small for brad now. you can see the aggressive plays made by brad are higher limit type of plays. brad is becoming a monster poker player.

  7. I don’t know how you make the time to continue to vlog as often as you do with everything you have going on now, but us fans sure do appreciate it.

  8. As a joke in my poker crew, I always said Andrew Neeme is a better player than Brad. Today I have to change my opinion. That hand against Sashimi Poker was absolutely beautiful. What you and Andrew have achieved over the last few years has been amazing. Amazing job man, keep the vlogs going!

    1. There’s nothing more important to me than people’s opinions about whether or not I’m better than Andrew Neeme, thank you.

    2. It was more of a bad play by Sashimi than a good play by Brad. Although it was a great move putting pressure on her she enabled that by misplaying her hand

    3. @Lord Traxx pretty hard for her to call there. Brad would play AA, KK, and maybe QQ the same way most likely.

    4. @Lord Traxx Ofcourse Sashimi overplayed her hand but to pick up on that and punish it requires great skill. It’s easier said than done. It’s easy saying it when you can see hands face up.

  9. Very glad I hopped onto watching you before you became an owner at the lodge, got to see some rad growth from a brilliant player!

  10. Quick question about the stand up game: if it’s down to two players standing and they both get it all in heads up, and one knocks out the other, who pays the table bounty? The player that lost busted, so they can’t. Is it the player that won the hand?

    1. If you win a hand, you sit down. Last person standing pays. So the winner of the heads-up all-in wins and sits. That leaves the loser standing. That player now has to pay the bounty because they still haven’t won a hand, and everyone else has. It makes no difference if they are out of the game, they still owe the $. And in cash games, they will probably re-buy anyway.

  11. Just returned from The Lodge. Loved it! Can’t imagine playing high stakes… “yet”. I’m sure we’ll get there soon. Lots more needed on my end. Thanks

  12. Watched this live but nice to hear your thoughts. Great battling. Suggestion for this or your other channel: most of us play lower where most players have a loose/passive preflop strategy (especially in TX) & more flops are 4, 5, 6 ways. Would be cool to see you in a a lower stakes game where you talk about how to deal with this strategically. I.e. more 3 betting preflop or lowering flop bluffing frequencies etc.

  13. A new vlog again, what a great guy you are. As a french ppl and a guy who is learning poker from you and some true sources, I thank you and of course I’ll wait for the next one !! 😀

  14. Hey Brad, In your vlogs reviewing the live stream, Please consider putting some graphic over the other players’ cards displayed on the live stream. The thing we love about your Vlogs is seeing you play from YOUR POINT OF VIEW. Seeing the other players’ cards every step of the way takes away a lot of the enjoyment of watching your game.

  15. As it has been said , ” don’t count your chips ’till the dealing’s done ” . My bad for the comment but a slow start and a good finish is notable in any book . Always good to see another excerpt of your work .

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