“I Know You Have it!” – Phil Hellmuth Shows Brilliant Reading Abilities

Phil Hellmuth appears on the No Gamble No Future cash video game and flaunts his amazing reading abilities, making a hard fold in a matter of seconds!

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"I Know You Have it!" – Phil Hellmuth Shows Brilliant Reading Abilities

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    1. That may be true… but if you watch, majprity of the time, it’s because someone drew out on him. You don’t see him put himself into bad positions trailing very often

    2. Typical position if you play online a lot. But don’t let that discourage you from playing a hand like this

  1. Brilliant reading abilities? His hand turns into a pure bluffcatcher in a spot where an old rec never has bluffed in his life. To do anything else than fold would have been a massive punt.

  2. He knew he had it. Absolute genius. It had nothing to do with an amateur 3 betting the river. It was all just reading abilities.

    1. @@MsUpptaget Politicians can tell the truth, wild Grizzley bears can be friendly and smoking cigarettes can be healthy

    2. ​@DonTrump-sv1si and you have the name of the most lying politician in history lol

  3. Phil, you folded the edit*(10th) best hand!Congratulations! I never truly believed Tony G…. But you really are “the best!”

    1. 5/5

      7/5 – 12th best hand

      am i mistaken?

    2. @@IaMaWaKe72yes, you are mistaken.
      In this spot, Madden can’t have
      all chop for the edit*(10th) best hand.

    3. @@OneCheezyPizza🤦‍♂️ snap, you’re right. My mistake. He folded 10th best hand…. But that also makes my point more valid 😂. Thanks bud

  4. Phil: “I knew you had it”
    Also Phil: “What kind of piece of s**t player plays K5 off suit?!…..

    1. Youre allowed to talk on the poker table, even if someone is playing a small ish pot, if you dont like it maybe online is better suited for you.

  5. Honestly, that is a great read. Based on the pot before the raises it was a blind on blind battle so he had some inkling of what his opponent had.

    Check call on the flop. Helmuth can only think “he has a king or a 10” into the turn so he checks obviously and his opponent plays like he also has a no top pair or trap hand.

    The river blanks a ton of possible other hands, including backdoor flushes or any straight possibilities. So when the betting comes across Phil obviously checkraises. He’s beating anything Madden reasonably has in his range besides 5-X anything over a 7. Pairs are out since you’d probably raise that as the small blind. So when the big bet comes in it would be really tough to think you’re actually beat there with the case 5 but he found the fold.

  6. I still remember once seeing Hellmuth winning a game on YT reels a while back

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