I Knock Out Daniel Negreanu at the Poker Masters! | Poker Vlog #488

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    1. @Rampage Seriously though congrats my man, I bet that checks off one of your bucket list items 🙂

  1. I remember when I won that give away of a $1000 back when I was @C G on YouTube! Now you are playing on the Poker Masters with all the big names! You have came a long way and an inspiration for all!I’m glad I have been a subscriber from the beginning so I could see all the growth! It really gives me motivation to chase your dreams!

  2. Rampage I love your videos so much thank you for making me a better poker player. at the same time my days as well! even me and my girlfriend have an inside thing I text her everytime you upload lmfao I rlly appreciate all the amazing content. Nice win 💪

  3. Listening to your commentary I feel like you give these guys too much credit I understand some of them are world class players with huge wins but your a beast bro you have won multiple rings and events your becoming your own star bro 💪 have faith and get this W

    1. No he’s not lol. I’ve said it many times, it’s literally people like you who encourages him mindlessly that causes him to think that whatever decision he makes is the right one. Go watch ALL of his rings. The ones he made it till the end is 70% luck, “run good”. That shouldn’t be the way one plays poker. This is why he takes heavy losses and punts all the time. He doesn’t learn from his mistake and honestly watching his vlog for over a year, it doesn’t seem like he ever will.

  4. Bro, doesn’t matter how good your opponents are, when you are running 🥵 that’s all that matter.

  5. I remember working night shift watching you win the tournament live with pocked 4’s now I’m watching you crush tournaments from my office. Nice follow the glow up!

  6. Congrats Ethan Amazing You Was Just Thinking About Quit Playing Poker For A Minute & Then Go On This Awesome Sun 🌞 Run 😎 Keep It Up…🤪🍻💰💪🏽

  7. Man what a weird feeling: my favorite poker player knocked out by my favorite poker vlogger

  8. This was amazing! I can see the happiness in youre face when you entered to room un filmed the cup etc. Tournaments are amazning! Hope to see more

  9. Great win E! Danny is a really good player and making those guesses of what a players whole cards are. Good job getting there. Hope ya win! Then you can give me a loan…😉😄

  10. Been watching you since twin river.. Now your knocking out Daniel in games..good job bro!!

  11. Absolutely Insane Run! If Daniel and Adrian can’t win… You have to do it for the vlog!

  12. Of all the poker personalities that came out of the Moneymaker era Daniel seems like a stand up guy.

  13. Luck 🍀 box you can do this brother take your time be patient and go with your intuition. I’ve watched you for a couple years playing now you are absolutely more patience and more humble. good luck to your brother wish you the best. I hope you become number one I don’t expect less..

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