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  1. GG Poker sucks. Only for Ontario. Do not play GG if ur not from Ontario.

    1. Thank you!!! There are RARE instances where you should do this but I see it so often I feel like some clip went viral and everyone wants to feel like they’re playing like a pro.

    2. Pros do it so they can fold after bluff shoving I believe. Also can tank for a higher payout. Pretty smart if you think about it

    3. @@archie2281fold after bluff shoving?😂 it’s only for tanking the payouts

  2. It doesn’t suck if there páying your bills, your entry fees. Good to be Daniel.

    1. No fool, if you play more than 2 days and don’t realize the fraud, you are a moron.

    1. No it’s so your fold to 3 bet goes down. To Deter people from steal 3 betting

  3. That wasn’t prediction, that was dneg hoping he was at the bottom of his range. Lmao

  4. Yes, the slow peel means I’m not playing on that site.
    I just want the cards dealt and on to next hand.

  5. Daniel is universes better than I’ll ever be but…. I feel like a jam with 17bbs there could he almost any and all pocket pairs from 4’s-A’s

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