I Had To BLUFF This One! #poker

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I Had To BLUFF This One! #

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  1. Your channel is like an oasis of well-being and interest for me. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.🦊🥁👓

  2. I have been watching you for a long time and your content continues to be enjoyable. Thank you for your hard work and talent.🚲🐯👾

    1. ⁠@@samphillip9616a lot of people seem to think GG is filled with bots because they run into bad beats ignoring that bad beats can be pretty common if you’re a good player. I have no idea as to whether GG uses bots in their games but I feel like considering Dnegs is a big ambassador for GG, he’d probably be fairly familiar with how they run and would know if there’s bots and if so would probably not use the site if they did

    2. @@samphillip9616 I’m 99% sure he’s referring to the bots in the comments (most of them get deleted after a bit so only one is left now), not calling the player in the short a bot. Its been a huge problem on youtube lately.
      They all have profile pics of girls booties and comment something extremely generic

  3. There’s a lot of bots now but they make obvious ones like these and hard ones to detect on purpose

  4. Bruh – that is NOT a hand everyone should be bluffing with – especially not 8+ handed. I know you’re playing 6 max here, but even here, that’s still a pretty garbage hand. I could see 54s being in a reasonable bluffing range, but 54o is trash.

    1. It’s a tournament with ante and he’s defending the bb, you’re supposed to have a wide range in this case

    2. Wtf are you talking about lol? What’s different about 54ss and 54o here?

    3. Do u have reasoning to back up this being a bad bluff , just curious

    4. @@bradleymcfarland990645s is suited. 45o is not. That means you have a much better chance of at least hitting a flush.

      Maybe try reading a book on poker. I’d recommend something basic to start, like Poker for Dummies.

  5. So you are trying to make overpairs fold right? Becouse in other case, you already win the hand or you are getting called with trips

    1. He got counterfeited and had 5 high, final board was 88774 and he had 5 high. He literally beat nothing and only way he could win the hand was by bluffing. Not sure what you’re seeing here

    2. @@billybegood466 then i am missing something, thoght he had pair of 4s

    3. @@guillermoaguiar7213 You play the best five cards between the board and your hand. There were two pair on that board, eights and sevens. So Daniel’s pair of 4s do not play at all.

  6. Easy a$$ call with J high or better on the river for any seasoned pro.

    1. @@mngolfbros3894Dude there are tons of more combos of missed straight draws and underpairs on this double paired board than value (only very limited combos of 7s/8s) . You dont need to advertise your incompetence by posting such insults against informed comments.

    2. @@patrickc5749 These “OK Buddies” should post their Hendon Mobs on their comments instead of hiding behind an alias on YT comments.

    1. Daniel beats a lot of pocket overpairs and overcards on the turn with his two pair of fours and sevens, but his hand was counterfeited when the second eight came on the river. He decides to bluff because he’s likely beaten by the villain’s high card (A7788, etc) and wants to scare him off the pot by suggesting a full house

  7. Seeing Daniel bet turn here with this hand and bluff river in the exact same way I would do makes me kinda happy and hopeful that not all is lost yet with my poker game 😅😂

  8. Lol everyone telling Daniel how to play .I say you can teach DNEGS Daniel when you become a multi millionaire with your play styles ,until then stfu cuz he is a pro and worth more than most .

  9. How crazy if he did have an 8. Flop he checks, turn he calls, you bet river he goes all in

    1. Shouldn’t ever check an 8 on the flop, unless it’s pockets 8s specifically

  10. Daniel, you’re a beast! Hope I can play like this Friday lol. Was bluff catching too much last week.

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