I Drill The NUT STRAIGHT and Raise to Play For STACKS! | Poker Vlog

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I Drill The NUT STRAIGHT and Raise to Play For STACKS! |

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  1. First like baby let’s goo!! You’re the greatest fam! Hopefully get to play w you one day!

  2. Can’t believe how consistent you are with these uploads. So sick to see your progress and see you win big on hustler and that big tournament. Keep up the amazing work 👏

    1. I don’t think we realize many of these are probably from months ago. Like thr BRC took months, seemed like 4 days. But it is amazing how consistent he is.

    2. @matthew stein yeah his hustler win video is still in the works but it’s still just amazing to me everyday I wake up there is a new upload and the quality is very good imo. Super cool to see him go from writing the hands on napkins to now winning hundreds of thousands.

  3. Merry Christmas Ethan! 🎁 thank you for all the great poker vlog contents.

  4. It was painful to watch you check the river on that last hand when the board made the flush, but I still enjoyed the video! Good luck in 2023 man!!

  5. Respect for showing the downswings bro. Genuine, that’s why I like watching your channel.

  6. In that last hand you should have shoved, I would have represented a bluff as it went, you didn’t try at all.
    You are on tilt here. You’re shell shocked into acquiescence.

  7. the games at hustler are so much juicier than these east coast games

  8. Love his stream and not hating but big E you started with 2k lost a monster then ended up with over 7 k at the big table, did you win big and get all that money back or somehow get some cash,just asking cause if that’s the scenario you winning all that back then you are my poker god lol,merry Xmas best poker vloger, and Brad o is great but you kill it.

  9. Thanks for admitting you missed the straight. Good to see the pros make some mistakes too. Keep grinding!

  10. Have a heart and quit selling action….bet ur own always !!!!! or don’t play….

  11. Yes u Must be Tired Not 2 See 2 Other Bigger Straights are Out there once the 8 Hits the River. Get your REST Because that was 2 EZ To See!!

  12. Merry Christmas Eve rampage, love your videos. Hope to meet you one day, your the goat

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