I Catch Opponent Bluff-Shoving His WHOLE STACK! Let’s Make The Game BIGGER! Poker Vlog Ep 280

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I Catch Opponent Bluff-Shoving His WHOLE STACK! Let's Make The Game BIGGER! Ep 280

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  1. Holy smokes loving the extra content. Quantity has not reduced the quality

  2. “I’ve never sucked out on anyone that didn’t deserve it” – gold star brad, gold star.

    1. Extra points for the Coolio reference. I definitely had that in the back of my mind when writing that one.

  3. I’ve had a rough week. I look forward to your videos, so this was really nice to see this afternoon.

    1. Brad is awesome. Let’s get him to a million subscribers #brad2amillion

  4. We are being spoiled so much this month. Thank you so much for the entertainment Brad 🎉

    1. he makes more money releasing more videos in dec. come jan he wont release as much

    2. He is spoiling us. Let’s get him to a million subscribers. #brad2amillion

  5. Been staring at 7:30 for a minute or so trying to find the straight flush draw. 🤔 Also, that “Never sucked out” sign is great. 😂

    1. Appreciate all that you do.@@BradOwenPoker I always look forward to your videos.

    2. Lol I got sucked in too, I was like “wait a minute, what am I missing here?”

  6. I made a few mistakes in the commentary on this one and I just want to let it be known that those were on me, not the editor. I still write all of the scripts myself and that will never change since no one is able to know what’s going on in my head while I’m playing these hands and it’s also fun for me to insert my own personality/stupid jokes so I’ll never outsource that. It’s tougher than it seems sometimes to get all the details correct for a 20 min vlog though.

    1. Yeah, like the 9 7 hand and saying the Turn brought in a Straight Flush draw? Stuff like that does not matter at all. Any of us who follow you regularly completely understand small mistakes like this and it has No bearing on the enjoyment we get from your videos. Thx for keeping up the fight. Love to watch.

    2. All the hilarious jokes more than make up for any minor mistakes! Your videos always make my day!

    3. Unacceptable Brad. How dare you mess up when putting out three bangers in one week. Wow.

  7. Man you getting that kind of payout is awesome. I love watching you play because you make everything so easy to understand. Thanks always, Brad.

  8. Again another great bit of humor – the “…it warms my heart, I call to destroy him” slayed me.

  9. Brad is such a nice dude recognizing a young fan that hung around late to say hi and making it a point to let people know to tap him on the shoulder instead of waiting

    1. Let’s get Brad to 1 million subscribers by March 2024! #brad2amillion

  10. ‘I call to destroy him’ haha! Another great video, and big congrats on the tournament score too 👏

    1. Where does that quote rank on your top 10 from Brad? My #1 is “I’m not a fish, I’m Aquaman” #brad2amillion

    2. @@georgecartwright6390 I get a new favourite every few videos, even the really strung out links end up being funny from Brad 😁

  11. Thanks for hiring Brad an editor WPT Global! More Brad for you and more Brad for us. Its a win-win!

  12. Brad, I’ve been following for a few years now and I am totally invested in your journey. I’ve loved watching go from 1/2 tables to ambassador and now cashing 6 figure tourney scores. Like watching a friend’s sports career from high school to pros. Keep it up! I look forward to the big 1st place we all know is coming soon.

  13. Brad,

    Really enjoying your videos – keep at it!

    Particularly like your ‘thought process’ commentary as the hands play out – opponent tendencies, hand ranges, bet sizing, your risk tolerance in spots.

    It pushes me to think critically about how I’d be playing in those spots – great stuff. Thank you!

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