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I Buy In For €100,000! |

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  1. You showed so many punts that i’m pleasantly surprised by the modest L. nicely done Ethan!

    1. Sometimes you can only minimize the bleeding if you can’t regrow a limb. Good comeback 🙂

  2. Thank god a new video, i was having to watch an old man coffee poker vlog . He limped Aces twice, twice !!

    1. You should check out lex O, GainzPoker or the Poker lion. Also G money poker and Poker Jesus are good PLO vlogs. Plenty of good poker content to watch

  3. You,Mariano move up so fast from 1-3 to bug games in just couple of years

  4. Always love your vids, and glad you’re having fun do the ‘tourist’ stuff outside of poker.

  5. Glad you spent some time in the Gothic Quarter, sometimes, at your age, it’s easy to forget the cultural opportunities that poker opens up for you ….Barcelona is my favorite city in the world…Good Luck in Australia and enjoy…..

  6. Got to see you in Australia. Can’t wait for the vids. I won’t spoil it for others 🙂

    1. ​@@RampagePokerNick Vitucci the scammer that swindle millions from people in his real estate Seminars

  7. I’ve been to the Cathedral of Barcelona… back in 2018. We stayed in Barcelona for about a week, including a couple days in Andorra (if you haven’t been to Andorra yet you should check it out, they have cheap bus rides over there). Anyways, I think it’s very cool that you show some non-poker life style stuff. Keep including those in the vlogs!

  8. Come to Cairns, Ethan! Thanks mate, doing so well since I first started watching you…

  9. what are those red clothes? or skirt? on the wall? (left side of the screen, at 9PM)

  10. Loved the Barcelona Cathedral at the beginning. Sorry you didn’t come out ahead at the game but, like you said, it was a manageable loss. I hope you and Brad each film your meet-up game coming up as I am fan of you both and would love to see videos from each of your perspectives. Good luck.

  11. At 11:20 does a river bet ever get A7 to fold, or at least fold at a high enough frequency to make it a +ev play

  12. Great vid. What is that jacket hanging on your chair. Too sweet of a design. Ups and downs are fun. Go to alicante if you get a chance. Spain is awesome.

  13. I still have trouble getting used to the decimal separator between thousands and dollars, as opposed to the comma in the U.S.

    What do they use between dollars and cents?

  14. Watching from Philippines..I really love watching your videos.hope you guys will do something for your viewers.

  15. On that first hand, what cards are you looking for on the River to not just fold the turn instead assuming he would barrel again on the river?

  16. One of my favorite things about your vlogs are that you share your adventure. Very beautiful keep these types of videos alive. I love them!

  17. Ive watched your entire journey from 2-5 till now!!! Its amazing and inspiring bro!

  18. I actually love that you showed us a little bit of Barcelona… it gives a different vibe to the video.
    Love your channel <3

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