I Buy In for $40,000 And Opponent Tries to Put ME All-In Immediately! | Poker Vlog #487

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  1. JJ odds are nearly even in that position. Given ur lack of restack, then i think u made the right play

  2. Asks if we like the higher stakes cash games. Doesn’t realize he’s about to make a crazy run in ‘higher stakes cash game.’ Keep crushing, Ethan!

  3. Man I was hoping you would call down the Js because it doesn’t really make sense to be behind anything there BUT if he’s a fun player they do some strange lines with nutted hands but I think you were ahead here. Obviously understand folding given the various points but you could of sent out a few texts and got a rebuy together I’m sure lol

  4. Just found out yesterday we’re from the same home town! (Exact same) Truly inspiring,keep crushing homie! 📈📈

    1. Think he was sitting short with no re buy because there was some definite opportunities for bluffs that he usually pulls the trigger on

  5. Rampunt quits the game, then it immediately breaks…….we know who this game was built around… .😁😆🤣😂😁😆🤣😂😁😗

  6. You got me Rampage. I’m a big fan and subscriber. Really enjoy watching and listening to your thinking behind each hand and particularly knowing the position you are playing from and that of your opponent. Your vids make superb tutorials. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to produce these and provide commentary including on the way to a game and afterwards. Awesome content. Run good. ❤️👍.

  7. Played very well. Remember you will always be dealt cards again after you fold. I enjoyed your way of thinking and digesting the hands. All👍👍🍯🍯

  8. If I got a dollar every time rampage flops a set I’d be a millionaire 😂😂😂 hopefully I get some of this rungood at my poker session tn

  9. Hey Rampage, do you think there’s any merit to betting smaller @8:02 on the flop? Maybe 35%-50% since the preflop aggressor slowed down? I’m assuming if he connected with the board at all that he’d probably cbet to continue the aggression, even though the board is so wet.

  10. Ethan, you’re absolutely killing it lately 💯👊🏾
    I don’t gamble anymore, but I live vicariously through you and Brad Owen and I’m happy with that lol.
    Congrats on your continued success and progress in the game, and life 💯

  11. Just keep doing whatever you’re doing right now. Keep up the good work and it’s always entertaining to watch you play and hear your thoughts. Thank you bro.

  12. Not 5 betting with kings/getting it in OOP at those stack depths is criminal.

  13. The JJ hand was rough. Being against someone who plays similar to your playstyle, you can just hear him saying: “I am going to put 8s thru Qs in a really bad spot’. IMO, the fold was the right play. You might have had him after the flop, but as played, he could have had any of the top 3 pairs, or AK. My gut says that he got there on the turn with AK. If he was bluffing you, it would have been an epic call, but for 40k with that being your entire bankroll for the night, live to battle in another spot.

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