I Buy In for $190,000! QUADS in a $50,000 POT! | Poker Vlog #473

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I Buy In for $190,000! QUADS in a $50,000 POT! | Poker #473

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  1. You look exhausted but I know you are having a BLAST! Living vicariously through you keeps me sane most days. Thanks for all the fantastic content!

    1. He is making vlogs for stream that happened 2 months ago and we already watched?

  2. IDK how you didn’t get tilted in the hand with Ron. I can’t believe he tanked that long with trip jacks

  3. Nice work E and congrats on the overall W! Would have been interesting to see how strong ur 4-4 is V Ryusuke 3-5…

  4. Hearing Mariono laughing in the background then seeing him stuff his face with food had me dying. 😂

    1. I read your comment and forgot about it. But when I heard him laugh I instantly chocked on my dinner laughing….fun times!

  5. Think that was a session too far. Massive success to that point, maybe it got you too confident but you look trashed now and punted a fair bit odd tbh. Still 80k up is amazing for the week, well done.

  6. Mariano’s laugh at the end. Your smirk shows you that you’ve got a great friendship. Just how me and my friends are together.

  7. You two are peas in a pod. Bottom of the money board made me laugh. Take care. Love your vlogs

  8. Rampage: “I’m going to buy in for $50k”

    Me: “damn he made a huge profit

    Also Rampage: “so I’m in for $190k…”

    Let’s be a little more honest at the beginning aye? 😂

  9. Love seeing Mariano in your vlogs, partly is because my buddy Mariano who I get to play with once a month is soo similar to your friendship! I definitely consider myself Rampage when we play & my overbet last night got him to call it was great. Cash or tournament I’m happy to watch all.

  10. Robbi’s 129k$ call with J high doesn’t seem so bad when you watch Rampage.

  11. Your ability to lose the max in every spot is impressive. Keep up the great videos

  12. The honesty as always is appreciated! I think they call that upstuck? And yes Mariano laughing in the background is exactly what happens with my poker friends. Love it. Keep the vlogs rollin and good luck to you

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