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  1. great video! hope you go on a winning streak soon (just consider folding every once in a while, haha) keep up the good work 🙂

  2. That J 10 hand with 33k was a tough one. I would’ve made that move as well. It seemed like every hand you showed had two diamonds on the flop lol

  3. Quick question on the tournament credits: can those be used for any tournament the casino hosts? Or just the remaining WSOP events?

  4. Awesome bink brother! Not a bad ROI on just 2 bullets! Now let’s spin those tournament chips up on the next one! 🏆

  5. Rampage: I love short deck, but I don’t know the rules. I love these vlogs!!

  6. The proper way to deal with ICM/Bubble pressure in Satellites is the same in Short Deck as well as Hold Em. If you are 2nd or 3rd in chips and the largest stack shoves, & you have AA, you auto muck. Also if you are the biggest stack, and have a good lead between you & 2nd, especially 5th, than you shove EVERY hand, any 2.

    Edit: If you want to know more info on this & why this is: MIT has an Open CourseWare on YT explaining Poker Strategy, GTO, ICM etc…

  7. Very fun I remember they had a short deck game on hcl so much action good video

  8. Congrats! Short deck is definitely a different beast to normal Hold’em. 6-A deck, Aces plays for the low straight (A+6-9) and flushes beat Full Houses. It can take a bit to acclimate to short desk strategies, but there’s a lot of action!

  9. Love short deck, but only have gotten to play it once, and ended up winning(might be why I enjoy it). Got to knock out Darwin Moon and cripple Greg Raymer in the same tournament.

    I haven’t seen it since in my area tho.

  10. I can hear Mario telling you that your playing with a short deck! Lol

  11. “Been a really tough year. Well not year, two weeks.” Lmaoo just goes to show how much weight a bad run can put on your shoulders.

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