I 5-Bet ACES vs Doug Polk! He Calls Triple-Barrel ALL IN!! INSANE HANDS! Must See! Poker Vlog Ep 254

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I 5-Bet ACES vs ! He Calls Triple-Barrel ALL IN!! INSANE HANDS! Must See! Ep 254

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  1. You’re the best Brad. RIP Doyle. In my first tournament, I hit quad eights and was gifted a copy of Super System 2. A great insight in to the game for a complete novice. Its been down hill ever since.

    1. You know that’s funny my very first tournament was a 1,000 dollar by in and the very first hand I hit quad 8’s and got two callers too triple up and I ended up winning the game and from there on been hooked RIP Doyle very sad day in the poker world such a great guy and legendary poker player you will be missed

  2. “…I pick up pocket aces. Historically, this has been one of my favorite hands to see pre-flop.” 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Man up against Js, not sure how anyone would have played that any differently

  3. Historically, pocket Aces have been one of my favorite hands to see preflop 😅

  4. Fly high Doyle. You’re forever loved and remembered in the Poker World

  5. Awesome to get a Brad video the day after learning of the passing of the true 🐐. Doyle dominated cash games for literally decades, while being far ahead of the tournament curve as well. There will never be another..RIP. Thanks Brad

  6. Wow, that was a marathon! Must be so mentally draining to have to work your way back in to positive territory after getting burned several times. That’s the kind of mental toughness that it takes to be a pro. Way to go Brad!

  7. tears for Doyle Brunson’s passing…forever a legend at the poker table and as a good man! RIP 😢❤✌

  8. I can’t believe that second $7k call; man, you have heart and commitment, as well as great people-reading skills! Glad you gutted it out and booked a huge win!

  9. Epic comeback, Brad. We were on the emotional roller coaster with you. Thanks for the ride. RiP Doyle.

  10. Brad, you are the absolute best tipper to the dealers. Thank you for making our jobs awesome.

  11. I spit out my beer when Brad sang the poker version of “Hush Little Baby”. Classic moment.

  12. 27:02 “we need to call YT to schedule an appointment with the maintenance guy so he can fix the like button” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Always amazed by new lines Brad drops in the vlogs

  13. honestly, I’m so impressed how Brad can make these videos so engaging. Yes, his stakes are not as high as Hustler, but the quality of these videos makes us sweat with him. It’s so much fun! Thank you again, Brad! Hope you come to Asia again someday for a meetup game❤❤

    1. I like these offstream vlogs a lot more than the Hustler ones that Rampage and Mariano do when they’re just using footage from Hustler’s and not making it their own like Brad is doing

    2. @@jcw8955 That makes 0 sense to me, its basicly the same, just better camera views.
      U rather watch the felt and his chips than everyones faces and the action?

  14. Dear Bradley,

    I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again in the future. This has to be my favorite episode of your vlog yet. Your humor as well as your poker ability were A-Tier.
    Not only did you turn what looked to be a nightmare session around but you also created a highly funny and insightful episode when it comes to aspects of table dynamics and meta game.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Thank you very much. I love sessions like these when we have to overcome tough situations and make difficult decisions to end up booking a win. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  15. Gotta say the Brad Owen ASMR is very relaxing for me. Just make sure people falling asleep hit repeat on your video for those sweet view counts.

  16. Not going to lie, it was my second time watching the video when you started the lullaby. I too enjoy falling asleep on Monday nights to some Brad Owen poker.
    Sweet dreams.

  17. As a dealer, seeing Brad throw that hundo to the dealer on that bluff catch with Q2 makes me want to move to Texas

    1. At these stakes it’s a lot more common than you think….. any state. However I am FROM Texas and there’s lots of reasons to love it

  18. Only after watching hours of your videos, do I notice the subtle sarcasm. Absolutely love it

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