HUGE VLOG! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 WSOP VLOG Day 1

We're back in action with a big and so much to upgrade you on … brand-new home, new golf course, however the very same excellent vlogs you have actually concerned anticipate. We get 2024 started with the 25k Fantasy Draft before striking the tables in the $5,000 Reunion Event.

0:00 Introduction
0:30 New House
1:00 Life Updates
2:45 25k Dream
5:11 Golf Cart Life
6:30 All the Snacks
7:15 Mini Home Tour
8:43 Loft
9:50 Office
11:00 Chic
12:30 Paris
13:05 Hairstyle
14:30 25k Dream Draft
16:15 Team Wrap-up
18:30 Amanda Time
20:15 Go Time
20:45 Drive In
22:00 Exploits
24:00 Break Room
25:00 Directs with Marchy
29:30 All In!
30:30 Shuffle Up and Deal
31:18 Off We Go
31:35 Huck Seed
32:45 Hand Breakdown # 1.
34:30 Hand Breakdown # 2.
36:45 10-7.
37:24 Wasserson.
39:30 JRB.
40:45 All In.
41:45 Jacks.
42:45 End of Night.

I'm back with another exciting year of your preferred WSOP vlogs, streaming daily from throughout the entire 2024 WSOP. Tune in every morning around 9:15 am PT for hand breakdowns, analysis, all-ins, encounters with legends like and Phil Hellmuth, legendary bad beats, deep runs, and ideally, another !

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HUGE ! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 Day 1

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  1. crossing my fingers for ya daniel
    this year is the year !!! lets go main event 🙂

  2. good luck Dnegs loved last years vlogs doesn’t even feel like a years has gone but thanks for reminding me 😆

  3. From 2002 to 2006 I played cards for a living. I did ok. I made a decent living. But I quit cause I just couldn’t deal with living on that edge. I got a real job and never played again. I’ve watched every wsop vlog you’ve done and I love them. I appreciate what it takes to do this every day. I can barely make a video a week. Thanks so much for doing this and keeping me informed about the game.

  4. been waiting all year for this….here we go again…so excited..willbe out for the WSOP in two week…go Daniel

  5. Excellent to be back watching Dnegs another summer. Highly entertaining. Wishing you lots of final tables, Daniel.

  6. I was so happy to see the vlog was out. Congrats on the new house, its beautiful! Love Amanda’s idea for the delivery drivers, it’s super cute and thoughtful. Go Daniel 24 Wsop!

    1. The drivers really appreciate it and yes the house is sick! Haven’t even showed you the whole thing yet

  7. Sick house man. Actually I really like the house, but I love the area, nature and a fantastic lake + golf cars hahaha. Can’t believe it’s already 1 year, when I saw the video I couldn’t believe WSOP already started, I’m also in totally different life situation than a year ago but just lika a year ago, I won’t miss any of the vlogo, it’s gonna be a fun summer. GG and I root for a bracelet or two 🍺

  8. Can’t believe that I have been excited about seeing your new home, so thank you for the tours. Going to be a big year ITS TIME!! Good Luck.

  9. Remembering my summer work for last year, binge watching all your videos. Since this I started myself a poker channel haha, time flies. Glad to see you on the wsop, wishing you to win the main this year, YOUR year ! Lets gooooooo 😍

  10. As a fedex delivery driver, that spread is amazing, I appreciate you and Amanda!! 😊

  11. I have been waiting all year for this Vlog to come back. I started playing poker as a 12 year old and fell in love and the older I get the more I hate to love it (real players know what that means). But I wanted to thank you Daniel for this free content, for teaching us your strategies, about your life and having fun with the game, you’re a real inspiration and we appreciate you man! Let’s get some more titles for you, my dude!

  12. This makes me sooooo happy! DN’s WSOP Vlog is back ❤ thank you so much for making this content every single year and good luck Daniel!! 🎉❤

  13. I missed these vlogs so much!! greets from germany and good luck!

  14. You’re excitement and love for poker is contagious. The best ambassador over the years you can feel the enthusiasm

  15. The wait is over….great first vlog! Can’t wait to hear all the news. Will be in Vegas next week for 8 days, hope to see you. Good luck!

  16. Thank you, your VLOGS are always great & thanks for welcoming us into your home, good luck in the WSOP tournaments

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