HUGE $225,000 Pot vs Tom Dwan – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 03

We're back with another hand breakdown from the most recent season of airing exclusively on . This season we battle against , Tom , Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. In this hand versus Tom we discuss pot chances, ranges, and choosing the mathematics in money video games.

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Preflop
4:20 4 Bet Analysis
6:10 Breaking Down Dwan's Variety
12:15 Conclusion

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HUGE $225,000 Pot vs Tom Dwan – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 03

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts and modern understanding of poker. Even if you spin the board once, you still make a big plus call! It was great… although as you say, it was not difficult for you, in terms of mathematics!)

  2. Did DNegs just do the Larry David:”Pretty pretty pretty good” phrase 😂 Beautiful 🤣

  3. Absolutely awesome videos! I love all of them I think Daniel is top 3 poker players ever, but I do think it maybe time to change your wall color!! Cheers from Chicago 🤣

  4. To lose his 2 kings/outs in the 1st run — which was quite twisted, forcing Daniel to count his $$ — was brutal

  5. You can’t just say he has 16 combos of AK. That would mean that he always calls and back jams. Surly he 3! AK some and he may call and take a flop some. 16 combos of AK is way to ambitious

    1. It is a strange line no matter what he has, so to give him the full 16 combos of AK you just have to say the percentage of the time he plays his AK this way is = to the percentage of the time he plays QQ this way. It doesn’t matter if call 4-bet jam are 10% lines on both. Granted the percentage is probably not the same but it is a reasonable guess given that there is no way to know his exact range construction. That said I think this hand probably still should have been a close fold because you need to construct Dwan’s range pretty favorably to get the 45% equity required to be break even and extremely favorably to be decently +EV while his range looking slightly worse for Negreanu than expected is pretty -EV.

    2. @qazzaq Stan that’s fair. It’s not a true “16 combos” but yeah I see how you can weight it the same but I do think that it’s a borderline spot.

  6. Tom D looks like he’s been getting smashed since he returned to poker. I’ve seen him loosing sooo many huge hands. He looks as stressed as Phil Ivy does nowadays! I wonder how deep he’s in 🤔.

  7. Must be nice to be able to put over 100k in the middle preflop on a coinflip.. I can’t call that sh lol.. “fold”.. can I see the flop please. Ok king very good nh moving on 😆

  8. No matter how Dwan plays his hand there pre, he was loosing all his chips.

  9. Salut Daniel! Unde putem vedea pe internet turneele tale din 2022? Mai ales high states poker de unde ai si pus secvente in acest clip? Pe pokergo nu vad si nici pe youtube din alte surse? De ce???

  10. Hi Mr.Negreanu, can you do this hand reviews in different slangs? would be so nice 🙂 I heard you can do a good Filipino slang and im half Filipino, half german. Love your content, gl!

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