HOW I WON $20,555 IN A WSOP POKER TOURNAMENT! | Poker Vlog #422

Part 1 of this series here!

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  1. Congratulations Ethan and always great to win some tournament. Love ❤️ from Malaysia.😊

  2. Your play style favors tournaments! Yes, luck plays a role, but obviously you’re learning to navigate the tournament field better. Congrats on another W!

  3. Keep playing tournaments I love it!!!! Keep it up in the cash streets too you kill it brother!

  4. Rampage- you run like you just bought in to an online poker site. Thanks for the videos!

  5. 3k views in a half hour that’s awesome rampage your skills are more than poker!! Your personality really translates well through the camera! Keep it up

  6. That’s awesome rampage that’s very generous of you .. also love to see your progression…keep up the great work both on and off the felt

    1. What is an easy snap call for rampage is an easy fold for any decent tournament player.

    2. I agree; it’s so bad. Why call off 90% of your stack at this stage of the tournament with KQ? I just don’t get it.

  7. Your hope of winning left you after going all on with that first pair of 2s

  8. I think you’re a better tournament player than cash game… While you pointed out a few “mistakes” I only saw one and even then it came around to being the right play for you. In any case good game, hope to see you May 15th.

  9. I wish you gave your live reaction on these suck outs especially 9s vs 10s

  10. “How I made every possible bad play and still won $20.5k in a WSOP MTT”

    1. Get it in bad and suck out. Completely his style of play. Usually he doesn’t suck out though. He just gets it in bad.

  11. KQs is def not an easy snap call for 30bb when this is probably a top 5 stack at this stage of the tourney. This is going to be an easy fold with 11 left and jamming ranges being closer to live ranges than proper jamming ranges

    1. Too many people only jamming the top of their range there, kq is almost always dominated in my experience. Flip at best

    2. Yeah but I’ve been consistently snapped AK vs Villians KQ in huge spots. Ethan is a luckbox. If I played like him I’d be a reverse millionaire. Meaning stuck a Million

    3. 1.2mil vs 1mil in chips and calling for all of it. Lmao why would you want to collide w the other big stack with KQ. This is icm suicide

  12. Ahhhh so you’ve got an even bigger stack for me to chip at come June I see👀🤣 congrats Brotha Crusha!!

  13. The Russell Westbrook analogy had me on the floor laughing! Congrats on another bink!

  14. Love the vlogs! Congrats on the score. Hoping to make it a meet up game all the way from NC!

  15. absolutely WILD run. Good to see you bounce back from that loss so fast!!! (also finally posted again you kept me motivated and thinking about it so TY!!)

  16. Such sunrun, unreal. And lol at KQ being a snapcall with 30 blinds at that stage of the tournament against a top 5 stack. Massive punt.

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