How Are WSOP Live Streams Made? | WSOP Behind the Scenes Vlog

The PokerGO team takes you behind the scenes at the 2022 World Series of with weekly vlogs! Today, reveals you what goes into the making of a PokerGO live stream while catching up with Jeff Platt and Jamie Kerstetter as and try making a deep run in the House Warming event!

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How Are WSOP Live Streams Made? | WSOP

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  1. I LOVE IT! Thank you! I love the podcasts, love the old school B side streams like you did with the House Warming! Thanks guys!

  2. This blog is great but the fact it features Jake Schindler is such a turnoff. How is he being allowed to play these events? It leaves such a bad taste in the mouth that a known cheater just continues to play. I’m a casual consumer of poker content but I won’t be paying for anything that supports these players who have been outed as cheaters by continuing to let them play. The companies who don’t take a stand against them won’t be getting any of my money.

    1. O no John12050 won’t give those companies any business. Guess we will have to change now!

  3. You guys make the hard work look enjoyable, thanks for the insight.

  4. This is what people who complain about bonus coverage don’t understand. Everything that goes into a final table or stream or where they show hands to the public.

  5. That drink spill will probably be me next year. I apologize in advance, I’m working on it from now to prevent it.

    I make no promises.

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