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  1. Yes sir! Been waiting all morning. Hopefully when you get in Vegas I can go to a meetup game as im from cali. Always great to see what’s next on vlogs!

    1. I’m working on a MUG in LA that may happen soon, hope to see you then once it’s all official 🙂

    2. I was gonna say after this he hit Texas up, you know we saw you on the live stream 🤘 Lucky box protector working well for me thanks Ethan!

  2. When are you coming back home ? And didn’t I see you playing in Texas against Neeme and Brad ? You’re like a ninja everywhere and nowhere at the same time !

    1. All of his vlogs are atleast a month behind. That’s why it will be Aruba vlogs but he’s playing at the lodge, etc..

  3. That was really freaking bad beat. 52 vs 57. Wow. That sucks. Hard luck bro

  4. I feel like calling with bottom set on such a draw heavy board (where many straights and flushes already are there) wasn’t the best option. When he jams in that spot, he will most likely have the best hand.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. You ran into some tough spots this tourney, but that one was a fairly easy fold. Thanks for sharing the lows as well as highs Ethan- I was hoping you binked another tournament ☹️

  5. “Bullet number 3 I love poker so much” Lmao Rampage and every other tournament player at some point

  6. Aww man, when I saw the title I was hoping you’d pull this one off. I’ll be at the Borgata for Pres. Day Weekend playing in their $200K tourney. First non-daily tournament they’ve had since the pandemic began and I’m hoping for a real sun run there. Good luck at your next tourney!

    1. @Chris Boice Doesn’t look like you need it to enter Borgata. Full vax means no mask needed, but there’s nothing about needing to show vax status.

  7. Just spreading the love at Aruba with chips for everyone… keep punching champ

  8. I feel your pain. Well not actually but it really sucks when you think you have a win and it gets sucked away at the end. Takes a real pro to hang in there. You are a Pro. OK

  9. Gotta love watching these videos while grinding out in cash games. #luckboxing keep the content coming brotha!

  10. Guys, let’s take a moment to sink in the guy on Ethan’s right whose sunrun is even hotter than Ethan’s!

  11. Your a cute couple. I watch all your videos man I came here for the poker I stayed for the commentary. Sorry to hear about that full house that’s the poker gods for you there was nothing you could of done there. I have faith in rampage

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