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  1. Run good Ethan, hope to see you again on hustlers. I know you can bring it back and do amazing. I believe in you!!

  2. Thanks for the great videos Ethan ! I played my second small tournament 2 days ago and made it to the final table so I was pretty happy about that and its all from watching your videos ! Thanks bro

  3. Thank you 😊 for the tournament Vlog. WSOP coming soon and hope Ethan will be well prepared.

    1. Nothing like gambling for a hoodie and possible trip to Vegas! Already ordered!

    2. I have to ask do people just stare while you do a panning shot of your stacked chips

    3. Just ordered! This is a cool giveaway Ethan thank you for giving back to your fans!!!

  4. I have genuinely never seen run good like I see on this channel. lmao your ability to get it in bad, and still win so often is very admirable!

    1. Nothing out of the ordinary, if your job is poker and you play a gazillion hands you’re bound to hit that 4% occasionally. Its not good for the bankroll, but it is what keeps players coming back!

    2. You do realize this clown heavily edits his sessions n cuts out all the missed draws and most of his failed bluffs .

    3. @Simon Buddy there are so many failed bluffs and missed draws in these videos, that if he’s editing out even more, there’s no way he’d be a winning player 🤣🤣

    4. I think 99% of the appeal of this channel is that he shows everything. Good and bad,.

  5. “He probably gets my whole stack if he just calls” no chance fam he knows like I do that 9 is coming like always 😂

  6. Aaaaah only Ethan can find a way to make two mistakes before the flop just to make quads and triple up lol

  7. Will be ordering my mystery luck box today.
    Met you down in Fl at the Kennel club a couple months ago and hope I’ll get a chance to play with you in the future. Good luck on the felt

  8. I look forward to your videos on Tuesday and Thursday….Keep them coming!

  9. I truly look forward to your vlogs / run good, it’s incredible… I am also looking forward to my Mystery “Luck” Box arrival..
    Extra run good never hurt. Good Luck at the tables..

  10. Love the channel and the content; but I have to say this: You’re more and more reminding me of a friend of mine the way you play lately. You get so aggressive with so many hands (not a bad thing), that you tend to over-value your lesser premium hands in bad spots; and it bites you. That AQ hand, you faced an UTG raise and an over-the-top jam from a tight player on the button. I could be technically wrong, but this situation with just 25 bb, should have you folding almost everything but aces, kings, queens, AK and maybe Jacks. It’s the situation that matters more than the cards.

  11. GG Ethan!!! You def run good to get ITM. Keep crushing and glgl in future tournaments 🤜🤛

  12. Already bought my mystery box man!! Can’t wait for the merch and hopefully you keep running well!

  13. Can’t wait your awesome Ethan happy Thursday bud enjoy
    And hopefully I get ahold of the mystery box do you know how long your have the boxes for?

  14. Only Ethan would get quads in that situation. The rest of us would see two aces hit the flop and no 7 on the turn or river. 😂

  15. To be fair to Ethan, he does get it in worse more than most people, so statistically he’s more likely to suck out more than the rest of us 😂😂

  16. Love the videos and I appreciate you showing your gameplay. It has helped my game out as well. I bought my mystery box today so I hope I am lucky enough to get a golden ticket. I already have/use a card guard of yours that I take with me for every game I play. Come On Luck Box daddy needs some money to play poker with…. 😆😆

  17. From one luckbox to the OG Luckbox, GREAT vlog, man! If I could count the number of times I’ve said (& heard) “only YOU, man)… Ordered my mystery box, and waiting for the next vlog!
    Peace, Brother!

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