High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha Final Table with Ben Lamb! [FULL STREAM]

Ben Lamb, Isaac Kemptoin, Gregory Shuda, Martin Zamani battle in this $15,000 Pot Limitation Omaha occasion at the 2023 U.S Open with $279,000 for the winner! Follow the 2023 U.S. Open live on YouTube totally free with commentary supplied by Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters.

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High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha Final Table with Ben Lamb! [FULL STREAM]

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  1. Love the Omaha play Campton is the boss that’s the ugliest trophy I’ve ever seen

  2. I used to play a game we called murder. You got five in your hand and could play any combination of cards from your hand or from the board. High/low…..insane game for complete degenerates!

  3. Shuda perfect example anything can happen makes plo fun , worst player by far on the table but gets super lucky

  4. grade alles zu ende angeschaut. das ist schon mehr als nur glück was Kempton hier hat und mit können hat das auch nichts zutun!!!

  5. Poker go puts Ben Lamb on the thumbnail for a 2 hour stream, click video and watch Ben Lamb bust in 5 min .👍

  6. That stackoff by Shuda with 5s against queens was such a punt. What is that other guy raising with? 2s?

    1. I agree, it was so bad. Especially when you factor in the amounts at play. Right there he was about to loose the chip lead by over a million. He was only in the pit for 200k and then re pots after the 885 pot bet from his opponent. The texture was way too dry. No flush draw and no real straight draw because no one should be holding a 346maybe an Ace but not those side cards. So your either against top or bottom set. Top two is very unlikely since he’s holding two fives. Terrible play all around and he’s rewarded with a one putter in PLO at a big final table is just wild. Makes me wonder how he even made it that far in the tournament. Most likely by putting several bad beats on people. Luck was on his side.

    2. well even if it was 22 would he re-raise all in instantly in this dry board? you should always give more credit for big pairs sets, there are more combos of QQxx in their range than 22xx… and since the board is dry what your opponent can have but a set?! totally overplayed… should muck pre-flop but if played, do it with caution cause a set over set situation is likely to happen quite often… not like nl holdem at all!!!

  7. Shuda looks completely out of his league here. Getting crushed HU. No idea how he got this far, he seems pretty bad…

  8. shuda you should have fold this hand… pre-flop!!! you played like your hand deserved to be lucky and win against what? of course against a bigger set!! so pray for quads!

  9. classic “super station fish” as I like to call these kind of players online lol

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