High Stakes Poker Season 10 – Episode 1 | $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em

In honor of Gabe Kaplan's retirement from High Stakes , we're bringing you the full very first episode of Season 10 free of charge on YouTube. Including this episode are , Jean-Robert Bellande, , Bobby Baldwin, Chino Rheem, Matt Hanks, and .

makes up of14 episodes, other gamers to play later on this season consists of Daniel Negreanu, Andrew Robl, Bill Perkins, , and numerous others.

– Check out the full news release about Gabe Kaplan's retirement here:
– Register for PokerGO here, and utilize promotion code HSP10 to save $20 on your annual subscription: get.pokergo.com

– Episode 1 | $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em

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  1. Gabe Kaplan *is* High Stakes Poker! We’re gonna miss your insight, Gabe. Enjoy the retirement!

  2. Gabe…. don’t retire. We don’t care who you know or don’t know… players come and go but YOU are the reason we watch the show.

    1. @Joseph Back-up account He was the most dry and boring host ever, no wonder this comment is from a burner account.

  3. Gabe just cannot retire – he is Mr. High Stakes Poker Voice 🙂
    I love that show.

  4. Gabe – you are what the show needs. I enjoy this as entertainment not GTO strategy and homework. You bring laughs and make it enjoyable!

  5. Gabe Kaplan will always be my favorite poker announcer. Still meaningful dialogue with wit.

  6. Gabe & AJ is seriously the dream team. I sometimes think back to Gabe when he played HSP and got bundles of dollar bills what a legend

  7. Gabe mixes great humour with knowledge of the game and its players like no one else. He is Mr High Stakes Poker and the show will be less without him. Thanks for all the great memories. Need to go back and watch all the old ones again for something like the 5th time. Never gets boring.

    1. No…. He doesn’t! I’m guessing your humour is as lame as his! 🤦‍♂️

  8. I don’t even tune into Poker that much, but when I do…I hear Gabe’s commentary and it makes what I’m watching 100x more entertaining.

  9. I actually teared up listening to Gabe say he was too old. He is pushing 80. People my age grew up with his voice as the voice of poker

  10. Gabe’s my favorite on High Stakes Poker along with Tom Dwan. Wish they had him playing more.

  11. You guys would make so much more money releasing the episodes on Youtube and getting monetized rather than charging $10/mo on your own platform

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