High Stakes Poker | Season 1 Episode 4 with Sammy Farha & Daniel Negreanu (FULL EPISODE)

Season 10 is now offered on and in honor of the tenth anniversary of everybody's favorite poker program, we're launching the first season. Please take pleasure in Episode 4 featuring Daniel Negreanu, Ted Forrest, Jennifer Harman, Barry Greenstein, , , Eli Elezra, and many others!

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High Stakes Poker | Season 1 Episode 4 with & Daniel Negreanu (FULL EPISODE)

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  1. So Glad POKERGO making this classic episodes available on YouTube please release a whole Season at once…Raisy Daisy.

    1. Should do it all in one go so we can binge watch them.
      Drip feeding them is long!

    2. Agree… poker before it became apparent how riggable the online version was.

    1. @@JMAGvids He assaulted a dealer in Texas and hasn’t been seen much since.

  2. love these classics, reminds me and Sammy play the same style but mines in my 2/5 game 😂

    1. TheLonelyNihilego 2702, IYHO, that is.

      And I love these shows, especially with Gabe doing commentary.

  3. Can we get these old High Stakes videos every day and not every week?

    I miss this show.

    1. You will be relieved to know that pokergo has removed gabe kaplan and replaced him with someone you could care less about. Now pay these men their money.

  4. “Look at this, you got an Israeli and a Lebanese, the best of friends. They should have UN meetings at the poker table, there’d be no wars, unless one country slow-rolled another.”

  5. Thank you POKERGO for making these available. I see you guys also have the Poker After Dark collection owned…please release those as well!!

    1. They used to be all available. Pokergo bought the rights and took all the episodes away. Then try to charge fifteen a month for them. And slowly release them on YouTube again…. Yup… So glad they’re making money on what was once free for us….

  6. Loved watching these highlights the games and players were so different back then.

    1. Yeah none of that staring off into space before you fold your 2-9 off suit and waste time like these new young players

  7. I’ve never seen a run of bad luck like what Daniel had to endure on this show.

  8. “Shawn Sheikhan’s an idiot, and he’s probably gonna lose all his money.” 🤣

    1. Well he didn’t, but got into prison for four years now. Besides he killed a person in a car accident. Certainly there is smth wrong with his brain.

  9. I remember back in the day poker after dark came on like 2 or 3am here and every episode i watched. I got off late and didn’t have cable at the time and nothing else was on. I didn’t even knownhow to play no limit or any poker so these guys pretty much taught me how to play. That was a dope show lol

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