High Stakes Poker | Season 1 Episode 2 with Negreanu, Brunson & Harman (FULL EPISODE)

High Stakes Poker Season 10 is now available on and in honor of the tenth anniversary of everybody's preferred poker program, we're releasing the first season. Please delight in Episode 2 including , , , Barry Greenstein, , and numerous others!

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High Stakes Poker | Season 1 Episode 2 with Negreanu, Brunson & Harman (FULL EPISODE)

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  1. yo PokerGo I love you and all but you gotta keep uploading the season 10 episodes cause my arm is itching for those!!

    1. @@masters.1000 who got buttfucked and decimated in 30minutes by eric person…

    1. Yeah what a sleeze. Yet the women who see him prob think he’s “lovely”.

  2. Classic. I remember ordering the GSN just to watch these almost 17 years ago…

  3. Such a classic. I use to have all these downloaded in HD but I lost my drive. Thanks!!!

  4. I would have expected DNegs to recommend something like ‘refrain from flopping the nuts too often’ in order to avoid trouble down the road! 😉

  5. would love to see a reunion game with all of these players (minus of course the late Dr Jerry Buss)

  6. Jen: You look pretty sexy Amir, with all that money
    Amir: That’s the only way I look sexy baby!
    Doyle: Welcome to my world!
    Hahahaha what a legend

  7. This is the best poker show of all time. Not only did they keep interesting players in the line up but the two commentators are superb.

    1. Indeed. I find myself coming back and rewatching these legends often.

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