High Stakes Poker is BACK and So is Andrew Robl!

The very first episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12 is now offered solely on PokerGO! In the first episode, Andrew Robl gets included right away!

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High Stakes Poker is BACK and So is Andrew Robl!

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    1. @@razeenrazak7211 just would be hilarious to get them back together

      I wonder if it would rattle him

  1. Robl could play a great serial killer in a movie. No need for any change in his looks or personality.

    1. yeah all slighty older than middle age white guys are super spooky even if that demo is far less likely to actually be spooky…. right

    1. What are you doing in life? Besides trolling a multimillionaire from your mom’s basement, that is.

  2. Robl needs to find a good hat, shave it all or go talk to Negreanu’s hair-plug guy.

    1. Yeah, I think it peaked with the $500k cash game in Season 4. Great mix of personalities, skilled players, crazy fish, and high tension with that much money on the table. Though Season 5 was lit too. I think Ivey and Dwan were on that one.

  3. I for one respect Robl for keepin it real and rocking a power donut instead of a Turkish airlines special.

    1. Doyle, Chip Reese, Stu Ungar, Wild BIll Hickock, Robl….. Those were the days

  4. Robl still has one of the best online hand/battle of all time against a smaller stacked bully.

  5. Gavri’s face when Robl asked if he had a 5 😱🤕🤒🤥😮‍💨😬😒🥺

  6. I wouldn’t say Robl is the luckiest poker player… He still has that quads over quads beat from a while ago. Granted, it was a long time ago but still one of the sickest beats I’ve ever seen.

  7. you can always tell the era of poker by the state of Andrew Robl’s hair.

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