High Stakes Poker Ep 3&4, Smilegate, GG $5M Guaranteed – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #120

0:10 – Introductions – Hockey Story – RIP Warne
6:00 – High Stakes Ep 3 Hand Review – JRB Stories – Stacking Tom
31:50 HSP Conversation Continued – Ep 4, When NOT To Overbet & More
50:00 USPT and PokerGo Tour, GG $5M GTD, Tweets (Handling Cheaters).

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Ep 3&4, Smilegate, GG $5M Guaranteed – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #120

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  1. Hope you guys check out my podcast, too. Recently uploaded the clip of when D-Neg gave my channel a shoutout on his livestream!

  2. People are gonna run it twice in 3way pots when they shouldn’t because we keep saying it never matters =)

  3. Great podcast everyone love the hand breakdowns from hsp as well keep up the good work

  4. enjoy the podcast guys. terence and the other guys Kaplan take is bad. not everyone is a nerd.

  5. I am both a massive poker and cricket fan and sure was I surprised to see Shane warne in the title , but I guess he himself loved poker so I take back my point. But either way it made me happy

  6. Agree with Daniel 💯about Gabe-he is very intertaining. That is how the show is produced- its high stakes and relaxed atmosphere. It’s supposed to be fun

    1. Agreed. Gimme Gabe and AJ! If you don’t know who Travis Bickle is, that’s on you.

  7. The worst thing about the World Series being back at its normal spot will be the lack of hockey talk during Daniel’s daily vlogs.

  8. The poker world doesn’t need an elite level poker commentator on every single broadcast. Let us have one goofy bunch, please. If the jokes are falling flat for you. There’s a mute button somewhere on your remote I’m sure

  9. As a 22 year old tryna be a pro the commentators are fucking hilarious I don’t know what these guys r talking about… And I think the way the predict what’s gonna happen then laugh at themselves when they’re completely wrong is very entertaining

  10. I’m so confused about the JRB story … if the guy with Kings is all in then isn’t the guy with Aces just slow rolling him?

  11. Totally agree with Daniel regarding HSP. There’s enough analytical Poker shows/ streams out there, this show is pure entertainment.

  12. I always agree to run it twice, but I will ask myself for running it twice only if I think I am way ahead, to avoid bad beats, bad beats make me moody and affect my play

  13. I guess they could remove gabe and put Adam and terrance in so we could hear like from Terrance every second word or Adam saying ahhhh ahhh every third word

  14. Thank you for having me

    On AJ/Gabe – fine with having those 2 particular guys but disagree that they let us hear the table talk. They were talking over Tom talking about something in ep 4 but I couldn’t hear it. I want to hear every sound that comes out of these high stakes legends !!

  15. Gabe and AJ all the way, they’re what makes HSP! You want a version of HSP with GTO commentary, make a new Show.. Should be no problem for PokerGo to have another televised high stakes cash game with commentary by other high stakes pro’s.. Live would be great.. Maybe Gabe and AJ were a tad bit flat so far on HSP, but don’t doubt they’ll be getting funnier down the Road. Wouldn’t want it any other way…

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