High Stakes Duel | Phil Hellmuth vs Jason Koon $1,600,00 Match

View a one-hour sneak peek of tonight's legendary $1,600,000 between Phil Hellmuth and Jason Koon!

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  1. In the 2nd to last hand in this video, Phil checks his hole cards before placing a bet on the river. He has top pair with a K kicker, then bets, I believe, around 1/3 pot. Is that a tell?

    1. Checking cards before betting can be a decent tell, but high level players generally won’t have such an easy exploit. They probably also check cards when they don’t actually need to for balance.

  2. It shocks me that Hellmuth, one of the greatest tournament players ever, does not know who has to show down first when the last round of betting goes check-check.

    1. @J From if river is check check, then there’s no last aggressor on that street, so you must start showing starting from small blind and around to the button. In heads up the big blind shows 1st.

    2. @J From No. It depends on the casino. Most US casinos and the WSOP has those rules so that’s why you think that way but it is not universal.

    3. @Cliff Harvey how does he keep winning over and over and over then lol? theres no such thing as a has been in poker youre either a winner or a loser

  3. Really need to turn the master volume up on these streams. Much better to have to turn it down than having to struggle to hear it.

  4. honestly I dont believe phil is willing to risk 800k in this HU match when he buys in the minimum at a 2/5 game 🫢

  5. HAHA! It’s all fun and games. Till ya make a move with Q6 off into AA and get yer a$$ handed to ya. Then, F F F WTF F F. LoL.

  6. Its annoying how obsessed these announcers are with phils food every single time he plays. The joke was old a decade ago.

  7. they should make some kind of setup where if the players start talking it automatically mutes the commentators so we can hear what they are saying

  8. hopefully phil will challenge for the 3.2 million but i dont think hes up for it. imagine if he scooped it though.

  9. I cant speak for rest of the match but in this 1 hour preview phil ran super hot and way better than koon and somehow still managed to have less chips because he found a way to punt it all off in one donkey move. GOAT for sure…

  10. It’s not 1.6 million though, they are playing for £800.000 so the most the individual can loose is £800,000 or probably a lot less if it’s dollars $ so the Hype is not being honest.
    It’s hyping, if the table is 6 ways for the same money then that’s spreading the load to win a lot more for stake on entry! DG

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