High Stakes Duel 4 | The Undercard | Mike Matusow vs Shaun Deeb

and kick off with a $10,000 heads-up match that we're streaming in full on YouTube with commentary provided by Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman from the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas.

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  1. Old Mouth Matusow would have laughed and talked about what a donkey Deeb was and how easy it was to beat him after it was over
    Hes very meek and soft now it’s sad, he just looks old and tired
    Kiddie game is down the street boys

  2. @12:39 what a fold with J J. Seems easy when you can see the cards but 3 bet, bet, check, fold with just an Ace and an incomplete flush is an impressive fold

    1. Most boring 5 minutes of poker lol. I literally watched the last hand

    2. ​@@donttrustanyone3795 I don’t believe you I’m watching the lot😅

  3. Knowing Matusow, he blows up and can easily get tilted and play out of line.. but Deeb should’ve easily noticed mike was playing solid tight now.. instead he did not stop hero calling. Deeb is playing bad but i think he would have won if he is in his A-Game.

  4. I’m just happy some Oompa Loompas found work after the factory shut down

  5. Very cool of Shaun and Mike to do this, and creative of PokerGO to allow an undercard match, since Matusow likely wouldn’t have played a 50K match

  6. Punish him MIKEY !!! You already beat Philly boy let’s go I know you’re reading this !!!

  7. Wow, Deeb played really bad. Ego factor got the best of him I guess. Perfect example is at 2:01:00 – he has the worst possible hand to bluff with and yet he does. And this was reocurring theme throughout the match. Same goes for his bluffcatching, 2:35:00 call just screams “im clueless”. Also Mike had almost 0 bluffs on the river in the match which makes it even funnier.

  8. I remember playing 4.40 180 player sit and go’s with deeb back in the day ..now look it him go ! 🎉

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