High Stakes Duel 4 | Daniel Negreanu vs Eric Persson | $100,000 Round 1 Match

and Eric Persson kick off 4 with a $100,000 match from the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. Enjoy this one-hour preview of the action with commentary offered by Remko Rinkema. View the complete match on PokerGO.com with commentary supplied by Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman.

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4 | vs Eric Persson | $100,000 Round 1 Match

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  1. Yo I got it. I finally realized who Persson looks like. It all makes sense now. He’s Homer Simpson in the flesh!

    1. He’s always reminded me of a cross between Ron Pearlman and the father from American Choppers.

    1. He’s looking Swole… or like he’s wearing a padded long sleeve shirt. Almost cartoonish…🤣

    1. With the ultra heat in Vegas he’s probably wishing for swim time. Whoever developed wicking fabric should get a Nobel award.

  2. It’s annoying how everything these days is a paid for service. I like poker but no way I’m paying to watch it.

    1. I actually think it could be worth it I got the free trial and it had a lot of pretty cool stuff and lots and lots of poker every episode of everything poker but to each there own

  3. Not only were Daniel’s antics at the beginning hilarious, but they were also brilliant. He defused Persson’s ability to get under his skin before the match even started, and took away Persson’s only weapon. So smart.

  4. Persson has the old school high stakes personality and table talk that has been missing from the game for way too long

    1. He would’ve been shot within 5 min in an actual old western game I think it’s hilarious how hard he thinks he is 💀

    2. Dude he literally talks like an idiot. Said absolutely nothing of value whatsoever.

    3. ​@ezaf5989 His physique is terrible too, I have no idea why he’s wearing skin tight workout gear to play poker in and he has the body of Will Ferrell.

  5. Getting him to fold full house with 3/4 was actually pretty crazy. Seriously

    1. Master move. Got inside his head. That’s why playing in real life is a whole different game from the online tables.

    2. He stole his play calling peoples hands /cards out and it got in daniels head 😂

  6. This cordiality is the best example of how two poker pros should act. Perfect! Persson is excellent. Big fan now after that move on Daniel with the 4,3 Whew Best talk I’ve ever heard

  7. at first i thought Persson was so out of line v Hlelmuth til I realized Hellmuth has done this to 1000’s of players. no one really gave it back to him. i quickly changed my tune. Well played Persson.

    1. @Tyler he abuse’s, may not directly curse them, we can agree both behavior is abhorrent, but in the end a bully got bullied.

    2. @Tyler He does something much worse then swearing, he questions his ability as a poker player. He berates their skill and knowledge of the game. An f you here or their is much better then calling someone horrible at their passion/dream/ or profession.

  8. I use to think Eric came off as a D bag, but over time it seems like he is just that way. to certain people. I really enjoyed seeing him humble Batman with the card and now to see his respect level with Daniel is awesome.

    1. A person who is “that way” to certain people, is actually “that way.”

      It’s easy to be nice and amicable to people you like. It’s how you behave to people you don’t like that shows who you really are.

  9. Dnegs bringing the showtime. Great pre game all round. These guys are the high water mark for Poker entertainment.

  10. My top two favourite players, absolutely loved the chit chat

  11. Eric is the “bay guy” role. But he is not a bad persson 😂🎉 I enjoy watching him play, he is about his wits. Very intelligent man.

  12. Great to watch and as DNegs fan I always love watching him and even if the Helmuth vs Persson was fun I like this even more as it was interresting learning more about Persson.

  13. It is refreshing seeing two people playing poker for the joy of it. No aggression or malice.

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