HIGH STAKES CASH GAME!! $50,000+ ALL IN! Aggro Pros Get Punished!! 25/50/100+ NL! Poker Vlog Ep 267

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HIGH STAKES CASH GAME!! $50,000+ ALL IN! Aggro Pros Get Punished!! 25/50/100+ NL! Ep 267

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  1. “Sorry boss, that reports gonna have to wait. My boy Brad just posted”

    1. I stopped working on my homework, everything gets put to the side when Brad drops

  2. The raise with the 10-8 suited is a great example for why it’s good to mix it up. If Brad calls, Alex potentially calls behind (or even raises) with J-9 and flops trips.

    1. He always looks so angry when he’s in a hand. I think it’s just his concentrating face.

    2. Dude I thought the same thing, that hard core eyeball lol Id crack, its why I dont play poker incredibly often lol

    3. LMAO every time I see Alex, I always think the same thing, the dude has the DEATH STARE. Probably a super nice guy lol

  3. Glad you are creating some positive memories and running better at the Lodge. It’s so cool having you and Andrew be a part of it so it never sat well that you got massacred.

    1. It didn’t sit too well with me either to be honest. It’s still tough having my worst results at a place where I’m part owner. At least things are trending in the right direction.

  4. Luv the blogs @bradowen! Been watching for a few years now and i enjoy each one you drop!!! Keep it going brotha! Shout out to mr neemee for the big win!

  5. Great vlog as always! That meetup game was crazy fun! I was hoping you’d include the clip of the $320 straddle at our table! First time at the lodge was a great success! Thanks for all you do!

  6. I always look forward to my weekly lunch at McDonald’s and Poker episode with Brad.

  7. Not a Brad Owen vid without an announcement. And I appreciate every one of them.

    1. @@tacs25well, technically he made an announcement…that he was not making an announcement.

  8. I can confidently say your videos are the best in the poker scene. From the one liners, to the concision. Thanks brad, always enjoy them.

  9. Love the regular Monday uploads, Brad! Work and life are hell right now, but this is the best way to kick off the week. Definitely keep it up, bro.

  10. Hell yeah Andrew!!!! Way to go! Such an awesome episode! Glad to see both of you guys winning and achieving your own personal goals!

  11. Hey Brad congratulations on your newfound success. I know your dad is waving his wings in a prideful joy, seeing you kept your humble demeanor. Maybe you, and Andrew can do an Ohio meet up soon, Andrew got friends in Columbus.

    1. @@BradOwenPoker Hey Brad thanks for the shout back, in Columbus they have the Ohio Poker Open in the Spring at the Hollywood Casino, maybe you, and Andrew can have a meet up, or promote the W P T in Ohio. You probably would have the largest turn out you ever had. The Buckeyes always loved their poker.

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever really accommodate before Brad maybe once or twice but I just want to say, and I’m most likely speaking for all of us here, thank you so much for your contact, bro! You really make my day sometimes. Well every time I watch your video you make my day Bro, and I just wanna say thank you for the time and energy and effort you put into this much love, my brother.

    1. These are the types of comments that keep me motivated to keep going. Thanks Justin.

  13. My husband and I look forward to watching these every Monday, thanks for all you do Brad! Really appreciate your authenticity, humour, and class. Always cheering for you to hit those wins and hope the rest of your life is running well off the table too.

    1. That’s very cool that you and your husband both enjoy poker and watch the vlogs together. At some point I’ll share more of what’s going on with my personal life, but it’s going well. I hope everything is going well with you too.

    2. @@BradOwenPoker If you go to the world championship goodluck, How do you even play poker? what are the basic.

  14. Hey Brad… I was at your MUG game 9/4. You signed my Chiefs hat and later you and Andrew signed my Lodge shirt. Best poker time of my life.

    1. Yeah, I remember. We sat at the first table of the MUG together. It was great seeing you around that week, you definitely chose a great time to be there. I’m glad Kelce is back. Hopefully I’ll see you again at some point. Good luck in the meantime.

  15. Fun one Brad. Congrats on all the good outcomes. Really happy for both you and Andrew- my boyz!

  16. Thanks again for the meet up game. I meant to congratulate you on your big final table appearance in person but got a little star struck. Looking forward to making another meet up game when I can.

  17. The reasonable analogy that you mentioned about Alex was priceless Brad! Just like your content being reasonably awesome! Love all the work that you put into producing great content and that you are such a wonderful ambassador for poker!

  18. I had seen Andrew’s video of this session already but enjoyed seeing your night as well. In fact it’s great to see different perspectives. It’s nice seeing the OG’s both win and I was super happy to see Andrew have such a huge win. You two are the best.

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