High Roller Tournament with Daniel Negreanu! All In 9 TIMES! | Poker Vlog #417

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High Roller Tournament with Daniel Negreanu! All In 9 TIMES! | #417

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  1. 🎉wow buddy Rampage proud of you and congratulations for tying this high stake poker tournament.

  2. Love to see you fulfilling your dreams of competing against the very best in tourneys man! Keep up the good work!

  3. I was very critical of the past few “punts” but that wasn’t one. That made sense, I feel like you fold if he has a strong value bet but all-in felt more like he missed his draws and wanted a fold.

    1. It was either a set or a missed draw. I actually think the guy value-shoved BECAUSE the draws bricked out. I’m sure he does the same with missed combo draws some amount of the time. Its an ok call. Id say as early in the tournament that he made the call was the only spewy part of it but his logic isn’t bad. The guy isn’t value shoving AQ there

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the shots you take.
    I’ve recently moved from 2/2 to a 1/3 which plays pretty big, built up a stack to 900 from 300 last night all to run my set of jacks into villains set of kings 🤦‍♂️ he was the only person on the table that covered me haha rip

    1. That’s gross, same thing happened to me the other night. Makes u never wanna play again 😂

  5. How was the field towards you? Accepting? Encouraging? Friendly table talk and conversation? Curious how the high stakes community might welcome an unfamiliar face, especially a vlogger.

    1. Like owen said. I’m sure they love when vloggers come up to high stakes and win. Makes it seem like anyone can do it.

    2. @G S When dude flipped that set on Sovrell he probably bought him a drink and said “nice play”

    3. @G S fr, some absolutely atrocious poker today, often think that rampage gets too much hate but Jesus Christ the first 5/10 mins of this vlog he made the wrong decision every time

  6. Hi Ethan, I like your vlogs, but I hope you get a new poker coach. In your commentary we are hearing a lot of you projecting what you wish you opponents did have or didn’t have and maybe that’s why you’re finding it hard to fold these days. I hope you will play more strategically; this is becoming painful to watch. This especially true after hearing that you sold pieces of your buy-in to your viewers.

  7. Hey rampage just thought I’d share my approach on middle pair. I might be wrong here but when having middle pair why check? Why not bet high for someone to fold that is floating. Why let them catch up .

  8. Don’t get rampage… I’ve watched for about a month. Havnt seen him actually win pots with anything. He’s either punting away terrible positional bluffs or low stack praying pre flop all ins. He never just relaxes and waits for a flop to actually connect. It’s just punt or all in. He has to find a way to get into more turn/Rivee positions where he actually has something instead of being pot committed or worce and forcing something

    1. I’ve noticed this too lol there’s no middle ground with rampage must be for content tho

  9. You definitely punted with KJ. There’s nothing wrong with being bluffed. Just wait for a better spot.

    1. Not that bad alot of Pro’s attack these spots…gotta go with ur read in that spot

  10. Congrats for making the tourney and playing with the best of the best! Yea, it sucks, but you gotta keep your head up high and continue on. I know it’s easy being armchair quarterback, but the last hand I would’ve shoved QQ. Even if everyone folds, you pick up blinds, etc. That’s why I HATE slow playing QQ/KK/AA because it seems someone always catches up with something that I doubt they would’ve called your all-in. But who knows, maybe he would’ve with A2?! lol. Congrats nonetheless!

  11. I feel like you continuously think you are bluffed and feel like you need to commit your entire stack. These guys will eat you alive. Think a spot through. That KJ definitely was a punt. The AQo you are almost always flipping or behind. Yes they can bluf. But you do not have to hero call all the time. Love your videos though

  12. I want everyone watching who may not understand how amazing this Vlog is to know that Ethan is literally playing against THE absolute BEST American players and some of the best players in the world in this vlog. Not exaggerating. Probably 16 of the top 75 players in the world in this field of 43 players. Respect to ethan. A treat to watch. This is so sick.

    1. Awesome to see you be there for a fellow vlogger! Ready to see you take a shot at these stakes.

    2. Call with kj and works his way back up just to donk it off with aq .. these guys had him dominated … I don’t know why he’s flooring it when he can fold

  13. honestly its awesome to see you taking these big shots in tournaments and I really enjoy watching it. Hopefully the numbers on this vid are crazy enough to keep you heading to the poker go studios. At least its theoretically cheaper than taking shots in the big cash games but these tournaments are SO much tougher. Thanks for the content as always.

  14. Would of been a juicy win if the cards were in your favor during the 10k event! Best money I ever spent tho 🤣🙏🏻

  15. I think the biggest mistake was checking the flop w QQ. I can live with the call in the KJ hand, can’t fault you for calling that one. But, I never see slow playing a big pocket pair as a good thing to do. Win it when you’re ahead. Especially when it’s against 2 opponents.

  16. Freaking awesome brother. You do tend to overthink. The guys you play against lately seem to be more tighter than you expect. I like catching them off balance. I would have been the guy with pocket 7s and hit the set… props for playing in the highest levels…

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