Hellmuth Coolers Nick Wright!

Phil Hellmuth and Nick Wright both tumbled a flush on High Stakes Duel!

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Hellmuth Coolers Nick Wright!

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    1. Yep. Both had a flush, but Phil had the stronger flush due to the 8.

    1. @@MrCguy24 haha that’s true but I mean like how on YouTube shorts they’re always showing Phil losing. Probably because he has entertaining outbursts afterwards

    1. Nobody said anything about a hero call you nimrod😂😂😂😂

    1. It’s always the best 5 cards.

      AKT85 flush beats an AKT76 flush. The only way you can split the pot with a flush is if both players are playing the board.

  1. Brutal, thats what no limit is. Tournament or cash game. Its all 7. Or 5. Worst hand, 5 card draw no limit. My qqqjk drawed 1. Got the q. Villain drawed 3. I finally went all in after the 3rd raise and lost to 4 aces. It was only $50.

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