Heater Of A Lifetime!! Adding Big Win To $270,000+ Upswing! Premium After Premium! Poker Vlog Ep 246

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Heater Of A Lifetime!! Adding Big Win To $270,000+ Upswing! Premium After Premium! Ep 246

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  1. Love the content Brad – super relatable and educational. I really appreciate it.

  2. Watching your rise from nothing to one of the biggest poker bloggers in the world is truly inspiring bro. I literally created my YouTube channel because of you but mine is centered around me being a 29 year old laundromat owner lol.. keep up the grind king Brad!

    1. I own a washer and dryer (humblebrag), but I subscribed to support your channel. Good luck!

    2. Bro your thumbnail designs are pretty clean. What do you use to make them?

    3. It’s CRAZY how far he’s come!! I’ve been watching for 2-3 years now and brad has hustled on and off the felt to get here!! He definitely deserves all the success he has!!

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣”The big blind doesn’t suspect that we’ve improved. He walks behind the register and charges himself $350.” best line ever.

    1. Followed closely by “… like a hungry hoarder getting off an airplane, we keep the nuts.”

    2. There were a few good ones in this. “With the equivalent of Brett Maher as his kicker…” hahah

  4. Can’t tell if I’m super looking forward to, or totally *not* looking forward to next episode haha. Hope the second wind of that upswing comes back this month

  5. It should go without saying, but just in case it needs to be said: we’re here for the ride, no matter how high or low the roller coaster goes. It’s always a treat to see where you manage to take this crazy career you found yourself in.

    1. You’re right, that does go without saying. Thanks for articulating the obvious.

  6. Another completely relatable vlog, sometimes it doesn’t seem fair to your opponents other times you can’t catch a break for a whole session! Thank you for taking the time and creating very enjoyable content! Good Luck in Cambodia!

  7. Can’t have a record upswing without a record downswing.
    Love your videos, Brad. Keep swinging.
    You can’t hit a homerun until you’ve struck out a few times. The bravest people I can think of in sports are guys who walk to the plate knowing that the vast majority of the time, they won’t do their basic job of getting on base. How insane is that, knowing that you’ll fail in front of tens of thousands of people there in a ballpark, in real time, and then get up to do it again a short while later?

  8. I’m entirely convinced that it isn’t that Brad is too busy to update, it just takes him weeks to come up with things like “like a hungry hoarder getting off a plane, we keep the nuts” xD

  9. Oh man, this is the best part of the week. Always good to see a new video Brad!

  10. I love how you use any excuse to get you motivated. You’re the M.J of poker 😂. Cheers brad!

  11. Brad – not only are you my poker idol, but your Vlogs truly make my day every time I get a chance to watch them! Keep up the good work brother and I hope to meet you on the felt someday!!

  12. 3:27 “Like a hungry hoarder getting off an airplane, we keep the nuts” 😂. You never cease to make me laugh Brad, thank you for posting and making my day!

  13. “Like a good neighbor, we crush his soul into tiny pieces.” This is why Brad is the best vlogger. Comedy gold 😅😅

  14. Glad to see your calm demeanor after the “disaster” 12 days ago. Keep it up Brad, rooting for you!

  15. Hey Brad, great videos! I have been watching for a few years and you’ve helped me bring my poker to the next level! Keep grinding, I am sure you’ll make the losses back

  16. Brad has always been such an incredible class act and player since as long as I can recall (which was before 50k subs at least)… just the man and a joy to watch and follow. Glad to be in an age to watch you Brad:)

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