HEART BREAKING Way To Bust a WSOPC Main Event! | Poker Vlog #480

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HEART BREAKING Way To Bust a WSOPC Main Event! | Poker #480

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  1. can’t get enough! best poker vlogger! everyone should join! most entertaining content!

  2. I hit my first straight flush Queen high ♣️ last night. Found out about your channel thru Close2broke. Yall 2 been making my game better. Keep grinding boss dogg

  3. Totally understood man. When having a rough stretch i think a break is definitely in order

  4. Ethan, you deserve a big break after pumping out so much great content. You are awesome! Don’t let this bad beat slow you down!!!!

    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but this happened weeks ago? He’s been doing great recently.

    2. The main event is the $10,000,000 Las Vegas one
      Bot sure how he keep saying Main Event!

  5. 2 2 hand I think you just flat his re raise and let him jam the turn with your set. Also missed out on a bunch of value with the A 10 hand flopping top top. Tough break E

  6. Happens to the best of us. You’ll bounce back. I try not to play everyday. Doesnt always work, but if I just play once or twice a week the swings arnt as brutle and i slow down and enjoy the game more.

  7. We understand, you need to take a few weeks off. We’ll be here when you get back.

  8. I think you played the 22 well. If this was a flush draw, it was the price to pay to see the other cards. You don’t want to make it cheap for them, I’m thinking he may have had ace King of spades.

    I’m sorry about the loss man. I hope you do take a break when you need it. We all do. By the way. That was a cute puppy under the table at the end.

  9. Hi Ethan, how are you doing? Nice start with pocket KK. Great double up. A 10 is good. Nice hand on pocket 22. Way to go Ethan. Too bad you didn’t make the flush with 78 of spades. It’s too bad AJ of hearts lost. I’m sorry you didn’t make the money. O well, you can’t win them all. Better luck next time. Ciao for now. Peace🌹

  10. I took down a tournament Thursday
    Started off hot and played well to 1st
    But having a very comfortable stack makes it easy to make moves and pressure players lol

  11. I can’t ignore how sloppy the dealer was on the final hand. Look how crooked that board is! It felt like some sort of home game!

  12. Every time the video is under 15 min I can predict the end result 😂 lol, But very entertaining though, Good luck on the next game 👍

  13. Different question. Which Program you use for editing ? And how long it takes for you ? Would be interesting

  14. The pocket deuces was a good play. You have a small set and you don’t want them to get lucky on the turn and river. Winning early is never bad.

  15. At what point does he hold back? He’s like a train rack and I still enjoy watching him. Lol 😅

  16. Rampage you should make a Finance video going over your finances from poker winnings taxes etc. The CPM on finance videos are great and would ad value to your channel i think since you are crushing it lately!

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