Heart Breaking Poker Hand at Poker Masters Final Table!

Picture playing for hundreds of countless dollars and after that you get THIS unfortunate!

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Heart Breaking Poker Hand at Poker Masters Final Table!

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  1. The dealer didn’t even know what won. She was like “uuuhhhhhh …”

    1. The caster had to slowdown as well as they he was going through the board/hands haha

    1. Especially suited on what appears to be on a less than 8 handed table. Deff standard but can make the argument on not defending Q 5 suited depending on players and stack sizes

    1. ​​@@deveshmendiratta4780not as played and hes holding a 5. Means he can still be beat and doesnt have to call. Ur just stating that 55 is the nuts, but its also impossible for said opponent to have that

    2. @kufe5812  there’s no for example when you’re holding an out. You’re kiterally adding false factors that wpuld just make u fold because ITS A HAND that’s not even possible to have. It’s such flawed thinking that even entertaining this response it’s facetious

  2. The way full houses grade against each other is just absolutely sick sometimes

    1. The way someone put it in layman’s terms was pretty clever. Trip 7’s beat Trip 5’s and beat a pair of Queens. 🤷

    2. Your Are 10000% Right. I Was Thinking A Pair Of Queens Should Beat The Pair Of 5s. And If You THINK About It When We Count The First Number Is What We Use To Determine What Number Is Higher So If Its QQ-555 vs 55-777 Then QQ-555 Should Win. Cause Q Is Higher Than 5. And EVERYONE CAN AT LEAST Agree With My Last Sentence

    3. @@WhereIsPoe its hard to explain but thats exactly what im talking about, its kinda like wild variable land and sometimes I think it should just be a split because it can be pretty unfair and feel like a set up

  3. At first maybe he could’ve gotten away from it. It’s possible his opponent has a flush. But, once you river a full house. It’s over

  4. This is called a sucker fh.. the board pairs.. someone could still have pocket 77s 99s and even QQs… there’s levels to this game

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