He Showed His Opponent 3 Cards To Get A Call

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He Showed His Opponent 3 Cards To Get A Call

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  1. From experience, when people start showing cards in the middle of a hand. They almost always have it.

    1. And just assume the impossible no matter how unlikely. I’ve seen someone raise 82s utg and then show the deuce on a 88245 runnout to get paid by AA.

    2. sometimes people show the a of flush, when they are bluffing with one suit only

    3. NOPE. Look up Jack Strauss’ bluff with 7-2 on a 7 2 X X board, opponent holding over pair. He goes allin, and offers to show either card. Strauss’s two pair was counterfeited by the board pairing. However, he got the opponent to fold, as he thought strauss wont offer to show a card unless they are both the same.

      Genius bluff and he DID NOT have it.

    1. @Mitch T Ur stating it like it’s a fact when not only is that pure 122% opinion, my original comment was a pure opinion as well. Which means you are stating an opinion of an opinion as a fact😂

    2. @Womp Womp He is obnoxious. There is nothing subjective about that. We can disagree on whether or not that makes him funny. To me it does not.

    1. agreed on outro i asked on other threads for a link or name of the music but no answer.

  2. This was by far the funniest hand, without, the now legendary “ dass me” 🤣

  3. Airball trying to convince himself that he plays with “perfect strategy” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. he has gone full delusional mode. it’s sad to witness. i do hope that he gets some run-good in the near future.

    2. @Melted Snowman you think so? i’ve been watching him for a while and he is seriously of the opinion that he is one of greats.

  4. shows the weaker full house to try and get his opponent’s middle full house to call, while having the upper full house. but little did he know that if he shows 54 looking like he doesnt care about showing his cards, then a hand like 95 will think that hes getting tricked by the 54 into calling. he wouldnt show 54 to try and get called by worse obviously.

    1. Are you kidding? Nik Fatball literally laughs at everything he says. He thinks he is hilarious.

    2. @Keith Morganhe thinks but he is just not….most obnoxious player ever…..nice to see him lose all the time though

  5. Maybe the best hand of poker I’ve ever seen. Def one of the best lay downs.

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