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    1. Now I can’t even give credit to polk for such a lay down…😢
      Because as much of a great read zi consider it to be, ALL PHILL had to do was bet 1/3 to 1/2 of the pot
      Then 3/4 to potsize on turn and probably he would have been all in on river

    2. Yes his 16 bracelets and multi millions of dollars yeah he is the master of missing value

    3. He too use to having fish at a table in a big tournament. He can’t hang with the top cash game players in the world. He’s lost millions on High Stakes Poker and any other broadcast poker cash game shows. Go watch him give his money away at places like Hustler Live and Live at the Bike!

    4. still, you don’t earned nothing compared to him. catch some like on YouTube and be happy with that

    1. @@CashMoneyDGhe should’ve said I could have I could easily have 89 here then ur keeping in the j9s j8s 88 99 and jj and 10/7s in a lot more

  1. Not a great play by Phillup but Polk made phils play look even worse than it was.

    1. Yeah Phil plays it bad, but Polk has one of the 2 hands you’d forgive calling there, and lays it down like a king.

  2. Phil got scared of the flush draw and possibly a little too excited about his hand, that’s why he jammed…and the fact that he’s a tournament player, not a cash game player!

    1. @@ItsEverythingElseyou should… guy had the opportunity to get Polk’s whole stack if he played that correctly. Flopping the nuts and getting a guy to fold the 2nd nuts is brutal 😂

    2. @@carlosmazariegos9562 no there’s not, hellmuth is never shoving with a flush draw in that spot

  3. How do you leave out the “I could have the blockers” quote from Phil lol

  4. Polk knows his opponent here. Helmuth has become a pretty predictable player. He wouldn’t make a big bet like this without the nuts. Phil was afraid of getting called by a big flush draw. A great fold by Polk, but against Helmuth it definitely makes sense.

  5. Polk’s read was so incredible, and yet had the discipline to lay down the 2nd nuts.

  6. This is a perfect example of just following your checks. He knew exactly when Hellmuth said “I Could have a set” that he was folding.

    1. Yeah, why are you playing 10-7 if you are going to fold when you hit the straight? I lose my chips here also.

  7. Epic fold. This is exactly what separates the pros from the amateurs. I honestly don’t think I’d be capable of laying that down

    1. Do you realise Phil is a nit in cash game, he would only do that with the nut.

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