Getting TORCHED at MY OWN $25/50 Game? | Rampage Poker Vlog

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Getting TORCHED at MY OWN $25/50 Game? | Rampage Poker Vlog

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  1. Hey man, I remember meeting you when you visited Umass Amherst a couple years ago with a Mr. Hahn. You’ve come a long way since! Keep up the great content man, you deserve it

  2. Love the contnet always exciting to watch yr vedios..dont worry you will get it all back and then some

    1. “I was dealt 2-7 off in the SB, so I decided to get spicy and 3-bet to $800,000 for value and fold equity.” – Rampage

  3. Rampage just admitted he’s a simple pickup fan me too 😂 still got my god mode hoodie

  4. your positive outlook on everything is a breathe of fresh air keep up the good work man

  5. Funny observation…You play best when you don’t Corona..😂😂😂 but in all seriousness don’t give up…just keep swimming🐠

  6. He tried to get you on your own vlog with the AJ hero call. Gonna learn today!!!!! LOL

  7. Hold on… the first hand you bet the river with a four card straight on the board and possible flush draw with the bottom end, after the player in early position check calls the turn?

  8. “I win a $30,000 pot because I have a horrible image and I’m not very good at this game”

    I’m still laughin at that!!! 😀

  9. Gotta love the action you’re giving the supporters 😂 If you ever host a content creator game hmu!

  10. I hate to say as much as I love watching you win, watching you lose is almost just as entertaining. Love the tough spots and solidarity on the losing hands 🖖

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