Getting KK and QQ Back to BACK!! | Road to $1,000,000 Episode 4

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Getting KK and QQ Back to BACK!! | Road to $1,000,000 Episode 4

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    1. haha too funny it reminds me of high school,we play 7 card stud friday nights in the basement. we get side $ ready and order in Italian sandwiches.

    1. He honestly just got shafted i wouldn’t even say he punted that much he just got unlucky

    2. He had good hands, he was a LOT more disciplined that usual.
      He just got REALLY unlucky..

  1. “I’m going to try to win. I think I’m going to try to win? I don’t know.” 😂😂😂

  2. Please do a road to losing 10 million and beat NIT Airball for once

    1. So epic, will be first “Road to $1mil” where he loses his 2nd Mil in quick fashion. When will lessons start? Maybe $1.5milli?

  3. I can’t for the life of me understand how you can still try these bluffs with all the money you’ve lost doing it

  4. Want you to win Rampage, but it’s not a poker tournament. You don’t need to go for flips pre flop in cash games.

  5. Gambling money should be invested in coaching. Need to find that edge again.

    1. 100 percent, I believe he was doing to smaller games, 5/10 10/25 etc, his game switched to be more concern about being fancy and facetime, coaching will do Ethan a lot of good, re adjust focus,

  6. Is the challenge to lose 1 million the fastest? Genuine question at this point

  7. I am always rooting for you.. but open raise KJ off to 600- Then calling off the remaining 1660.. hopefully you hit..
    In this case you were live 45-55.. in many cases your completely dominated 70-30 to AK or even worse.. Thats almost 2.5k you shouldn’t gamble(I understand it’s the last hand of the day and you were stuck about 10k.) Tighten up a little bit and you will find more positive results.. I am again stating I am always rooting for you.😊

  8. Looking at your recent content vs your older content (or even Mariano’s). There’s been a big shift in your narrative. In the past, you focused more on opponents’ ranges, what can you realistically beat, equity in a hand, and sprinkled in a hero call here and there. Versus your content now, it’s been “I’m down a lot of money, so I gotta go for it”. I think if you start playing the same way that made your channel really popular, you’ll start making money in your million dollar challenge (slowly, but surely. Good luck Ethan!

    1. Yea nice way of saying he’s been playing on tilt. But we’re here for you bud.

    2. @@Rayrocknywhy you sayin we here for guangliu , hes giving genuinely constructive criticism, i think we’re here for rampage

    3. It’s more like he was getting insanely lucky and his play looked better to the uninformed. He’s not and never has been good.

    4. There’s a couple problems, most of us learn to play with experience and since Ethan got the horseshoe up there early by getting a chance to play over his experience with merch and YouTube income he never had to really learn to play. Second he has exposed his really blatant sizing tells on video for sharp players to see, as well as his degenerate style of gambling in the game. He is playing a lot lately like a pit junkie chasing losses and even a fish like airball has been showing he has to learn the game while Ethan doesn’t seem to care. With that said you and I just paid him some pennies to keep grinding and a lot of people buy the merch so the income comes whether he cares to learn or not.

  9. I don’t understand why you call an all-in with QJo…even if it’s “only 860 bucks,” that’s still a lot of money and if you punt like that all the time you will have a tough time climbing back to $1,000,000.

    1. If he keeps making decisions like this it will be impossible for him to be a profitable player.

    2. It’s called “gamble” else you dont call it, no matter the price.

    3. And then he says, “unfortunate there to lose this hand”. Um, no, the best hand won, nothing unfortunate about it.

  10. The saddest part of all of this is the fact that Ethan is simply unwilling to listen to his audience even tho we genuinely care for him and want better for him. very sad situation.

  11. These videos remind me of going a craps table with my buddies and watching them loose it all and hit the atm.

  12. Tighten up. It’s never a friendly game with thousands at stake. Tighten up.

  13. It’s getting to the point where I’m watching these videos with the same fascination that makes people slow down when they see a car crash.

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