Genius Way To NEVER LOSE Online Poker

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Genius Way To NEVER LOSE Online

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  1. Zach king be like: finally a worthy opponent our battle shall be legendary

  2. Really good edits, like this is actually super impressive and I love the way you break down and explain. It’s almost like you’d be a rly good youtuber but instead you like to clickbait your Shorts 🀑

    1. This isn’t clickbait. The title was obviously a joke, and if it wasn’t clear that it was a joke to some people, then it probably wasn’t intentional by the creator. No one would watch it if it said “I edited cards into my screen to win at poker”.

    2. I mean, technically, it _is_ clickbait, but it’s not the bad type of clickbait you are probably thinking of.

  3. Here is a breakdown of how I spent days doing something no one has any use of at all in our entire lives.

  4. He’s the type of guy to barge into your room to wake you up, just so he can say good night.

    1. @Uriel F I’d have to write 52 factorial but then I run the risk of people not understanding what that means.

    2. The Devil Controls Poker & The Roulette Wheel.
      Evil Evil Evil.
      Gambling is a Sin.

    3. @Da One No, Poker is a skill game (speaking as a winning player that’s played for over 10 years). I agree with you on Roulette though.

  5. No you mean you waited til you got AK and won, and then made all your losses back with this video! πŸ€”

  6. Sound editing could be improved but overall this is a good edit!! Very awesome, minor poker skill issue, but still an awesome video πŸ™‚

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