Garrett Adelstein Owns Jean-Robert Bellande on High Stakes Poker

Adelstein enters into Jean-Robert Bellande's head to get paid off in this substantial $335,500 game pot on ! New episodes of are available now, solely on PokerGO.

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Adelstein Owns Jean-Robert Bellande on

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  1. Couldn’t even watch the hand without replaying the intro a few times. The Gabe and AJ combo is all time

  2. okay I’ve been holding back from subscribing…. but I’ve got to see this line up in action!

    1. The show seems dead. No ambiance. PAD back in the day had a bar with Lean tweeden and couches. Set seems so lifeless. Histler casino live as ambiance around it. The other tables outside the main room. People have mentioned it is a boring season. The play is top notch the show looks boring

    2. @Sean Park

      Because Dnegs will go off on another Twitter rant about the Aria not having Soy Milk for his Covfefe……

  3. So funny to see that dwan has become the “can these kids go faster?!” guy at the table because he was once the super slow guy when we he first started going on the shows 😂😂

    1. @pLay HD I’d guess that they’re likely clipping the hand to show the highlights from it (not showing it in full from start to finish). Garrett’s usually not slow on HCL, but I’d bet he focused up a bit for the harder lineup. Idk if he took long or not, but for dwan to say something he must have had a reason. Maybe referencing an earlier hand and decided to voice it after Garrett took a little longer than normal in that spot?

    2. Well HSP early seasons didn’t have a clock (maybe the new ones don’t either I don’t watch) because everyone knew with so much money on the line people would tank way more

    3. Eventually everyone becomes old man coffee.. it’s only a matter of time before dwan will start limping with aces

    4. @Bryant Jones  @Steven Walker  ok then, tom was about to fold the hand anyway so i get why he was annoyed, i strongly approve the time count clock

    1. That’s just hear say bro.. soon he’s about to owe lot of money to lots of backers if he isn’t in the hole big time already.. the make up has gotta be huge at this point!

    2. I was just thinking that rich ppl are too stupid in Vegas I play 5-10 once a week with friends I can 100% guantee staking me is a better deal

    3. @Danny M Look up the Reddit threads about him and Robl. They apparently have a deal where JRB sets up games and gets Robl and possibly others in and Robl in return stakes JRB to play.

  4. My goodness the gman is so sick. He just might be one of the best high stakes players right now.

  5. Tom Dwan has no right to complain about anyone’s speed of play lol

    1. I think he was joking because speeding up play is something Garrett talks about a lot at the table.

  6. Garrett is such a luck box. He’s one of the best, but this was another one of the many coolers he’s won.

  7. Owning JRB doesn’t take all that much talent or skill! 😂 But in his defense, extremely hard to fold top 2 there. He loses to a straight and a couple of sets – which he blocks.

  8. if we can get a video of JRB vs Hellmuth maybe we can see ONE of them actually WIN a Hand on Youtube!

  9. Nobody knows when to over-bet the river like Garrett. Incredible how consistently he extracts max value in these positions

    1. When he has the nuts AND his opponent is top of their range… he has a knack for just knowing

  10. Poor JRB. He’s probably reading these comments with a tear slowly dripping down his face.

  11. Wow, Krish really changed up his play lately. I’ve never seen him make such a tight fold on the flop!

  12. dude how does garrett bink all the time, it’s a miracle he hasn’t won the main event by now

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