Garrett Adelstein $179,000 Bluff vs Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes Poker

is confronted with a massive $169,000 on the river from video game specialist Adelstein on the most recent High Stakes Poker season!

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Adelstein $179,000 vs on High Stakes Poker

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    1. Not as much now tbh now that’s he’s been more balanced playing gto. Tbh I kind of think he has to call. Garrett has 16 combos of AK there for bluffs and 6 combos of aces for value. Maybe he checks kings twice but idk if he does but even if you assume he does, that’s still only 12 combos for value between aces and kings and 16 of AK for bluffs so it seems like call. Idk I’m definitely not even close to these guys level but it just seems like Daniel was gonna have to call if he’s playing based on ranges

    2. We are calling you because we see your car warranty is expired and we want to extend it 😂

  1. Tough spots for GMan in the last two episodes. Getting caught by Dnegs, then bluffed by Dwan and Dnegs and at the end losing another $150k to Tilly. We rarely see Garrett make bad decisions back to back and must be down close to half a million. But every poker player goes through one of those days I guess…

    1. Its because hes still in the exploitative play mindset from the past year. Its not going to work on daniel. Dnegs is a pro and has literally spent the last year studying gto non stop.

    2. @gramsci pelosi He played the hand “fine” if he’s playing fish. Not here.

    1. @Gabriel Constantinides he lost that one. Unless its another quads hand between them.

  2. Daniel was ready to call before Garreth put his chips on the table

    1. Looked like Daniel just didn’t believe the story Garrett was telling which was “I have aces.” He did some quick maths, shot Garrett a glance, and called BS.

  3. I think the key problem with this is that with AA I think you start betting on the turn to make sure you get all the money in. With AA you’d be worried a K/Q comes on river and scares opponent.

    1. @TA28 there really aren’t any draws on this board given preflop action, so it’d be a reasonable flop check with AA, I think.

    2. @ImAllInNow idk. With that pre flop action either of them could have Broadway cards of diamonds or A2/A4 suited for the wheel draw

    3. @TA28 yeah, I had thought the board was rainbow at first. You might be right.

    4. Loool you just assumed that garret knew that negranu has pocket tens? What if negranu called it with acex or king queen, which is wrong but negranu is known to do that. You can ask him. Then obviously he doesn’t want to scare king or queen away. But after king and queen doesn’t show up he can think that maybe begranu had pockets instead and tries to put him in tough spot to call a huge bet with mediocre pocket pair. That is why he jams. This is a very bad play by negranu. You can’t call that amount with that cards.

    5. @Art Kirakosyan you’re right, some of the same theories as the flop could be the case on the turn. I guess I figure the stack sizes are such that AA would be trying to get the money in in two bets, not 1.

  4. Daniel played hand perfectly… Gabe called it out right Garrett actually misplayed a hand for once lol he would’ve bet flop with QQ/JJ for value/protection and 100% betting AA-KK on turn to build pot vs Dnegs 4b calling range… nice call Daniel.

    1. AA might try to trap the turn because it unblocks all the weaker full houses Daniel can start betting and blocks AK/AQ which will probably try to get to showdown. I agree that KK and QQ take a completely different line though. Garrett is repping aces and only aces for value when he takes this line and shoves the river.

    2. He ran into the upper part of his range. No reason DNegs doesnt have over cards

    3. @Spencer Ingermanson exactly. Garrett was hoping to get some instafolds from AK/AQs/AJs, not necessarily targeting hands like pocket jacks.

  5. D Negs did an excellent breakdown of this hand on this channel. Highly recommend 👍

    1. 🔥🔥🔥👊👊👊 The best poker legendary the one and only you.i can shout it loud Negreanu!!!!!!

  6. Wow Negreanu showing just how much he has improved… super well played

  7. The headsup match with doug polk really improved dnegs’ game. He went up another level afterwards.

    1. Exactly. The right way to play is like 80 percent gto and 20 percent exploitative.

  8. As much as I love GMan playing, loved the literally snap call from Daniel.

  9. Feel like Daniel had one of those moments of “if he has it he has it” then made the call. As a poker fan tho what if garret went all in on the Turn, that’d be wild

  10. Daniel playing that head up challenge against polk was one of the best things that could have happened to him. The improvement in his game has been nothing short of impressive. Garrets biggest error in this hand was 4 betting A7s. Isnt A7s and A6s the wors suited aces to bluff with?

  11. Garrett must have missed those other seasons of HSP where Daniel would ruthlessly call large bets. Granted he lost most of those but he’s Kid Poker, not Kid Folder.

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