Game of Gold Recap Show! “The Queen” With Kyna England | EP08 | – DAT Poker Pod Ep #156

0:00 Intro
00:55 E07 Cliffhanger – Begin Ep08 talk
5:00 JungleMan vs Maria match
18:00 Maria vs Kyna match
33:30 Kyna England joins Daniel!
36:00 Discuss Jungle's outburst, responses from the neighborhood and experience on the program!
49:30 Finishing up Ep07

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Game of Gold Recap Show! "The Queen" With Kyna England | EP08 | – DAT Pod Ep #156

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  1. I thought Maria was definitely trying to make Jungleman uncomfortable, since she didn’t keep that attitude with Kyna, who probably would have been reassured by some chit-chat with a friendly Maria. Instead it seemed like she really changed the mood to get Kyna in a worse mental place to play, by seeming more distant

    1. I felt like Marias banter was nervous energy and she just wanted to keep talking to hide the fact she was intimidated. She is definitely more confident playing Kyna. The difference is glaring

    2. She thought she would get more reads from Jungle by chatting. While she just wanted to apply pressure to Kyna, since the tells were already there.

    3. @@Oscar_AH from TV it definitely looked like Kyna was playing face up. I couldn’t believe how much she was giving away unless it’s creative editing but I don’t think it is

  2. Kyna is clearly intimidated and afraid to make a mistake or a light call. Her problem in this match is she exposed her hands through her body language and Maria took advantage of that. While watching this I wondered if Kyna plays primarily online?

  3. I think on the AAKTT hand, Maria’s play was intended to look like she was blowing Kyna off a split pot, trying to induce a light call. I don’t think there was much else

    1. But Maria check/called flop and turn OOP, how does she ever have a hand that plays the board? Exactly a gutter + club draw that took the passive line? I think you always have to read Maria for having a piece regardless of what she does there, so I agree with the analysis that betting very small or checking are both better, so that maybe Kyna will try to bluff her off a K.

    2. @@blankoblanco I would agree with you. I’m not arguing that Maria made the correct play, I’m just saying what I think it was. I think on that river, she was betting on Kyna’s inexperience and insecurity, again thinking that she might overcall. Maybe I’m just dumb, but a lot of Maria’s play in these heads up games has seemed heavily based on live tells, and playing her reads.

    3. @@bobbuilder6761 Nah, you’re not dumb, I definitely get what you’re saying. And for what it’s worth, it seemed like Kyna was actually considering calling somehow? She was considering something, and it didn’t look like a raise. So I guess it could have actually worked, even if it doesn’t make the most logical sense to me. It’s fair to say Maria was playing the player, but a check might have played the player better, on top of making more theoretical sense.

    4. @@blankoblanco I think, possibly, it was because Daniel blew Robin off of a straight the other day. I could see that sticking in people’s heads after round 1, and her trying to make it look like the same sort of play. Not sure though, maybe it was an in the moment thing. Maybe she had a bad read that Kyna had a king here, too

  4. Great interview with Kyna. Hope she makes more appearances on future seasons of GoG

  5. I had first met Kyna at a MSPT event in 2020. Too see where she went from 2020 to having success after success in a 3 year span too built a tremendous poker resume. Leading the way for women’s poker. It’s these successes that really inspire the future for poker. Well done Kyna! Much continued success!

  6. I’m always waiting for these recap videos! Love the insight and breakdowns on all the Game of Gold episodes. I’ll say this, I’ve never been a big fan of Maria’s game but damn I respected her play today.

  7. Outstanding interview by Daniel with Kyna!! As a long time poker player in my view, she obv came off as “the fish” but as Daniel eluded too, ‘you are in the top 16, miles and miles ahead(of all the real fish that can talk on the internet but would never get invited to the show..)’ her personality is amazing and inspiring and let’s not neglect Daniel’s amazing interview skills!! Wow. Lots of props too both her and Daniel for a tremendous and probably underrated interview. 10/10!!

  8. There must be some possibility where in future rounds you can beat someone and take a percentage of their gold coins. I think because of that, the coin count can drastically change and give those with less coins a chance to make a jump. Maybe even an offer to coin leader of giving up X% of coins to advance to the final table and if turned down, 2nd most coins has that option.

  9. I don’t think the Jungle/ Maria conversation was awkward at all. I think it was verbal jousting. I think they were just having fun with each other. And I also think Maria was just showing how well she knows her opponents by taking them on in their own “game”. I’m not saying that wasn’t risky but it was smart. She was playing the game she thought she needed to beat the player she was playing…

  10. Holy hell 10,900 views in 19 hours. 💪Solid guys! Win for DAT Poker Podcast!!!! A rising tide lifts all boats. Glad the show is a success.

  11. I got to play with her at Mspt in San Diego! She’s awesome!!! Vibe is wonderful !!! Team kyna for sure! 🎉

  12. These is great but can you add screen grabs (if that’s allowed) so we can see the hand you are talking about?

  13. It would be interesting to see a format where the contestants play a form of duplicate (like in Bridge) where different players navigate the exact same card distribution. Since additional players are another variable, HU would be best suited to this. Maybe Swiss Teams (where players A and B are one team, C and D are the other, and they play the exact same decks for a certain number of hands with A in seat 1 and C in seat 2, and simultaneously in another room with D in seat 1 and B in seat 2)? Whichever team has more chips total after X hands wins.

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