Game of Gold Recap Show! “The Added Pressure” Feat. Josh Arieh | EP02 | – DAT Poker Pod Ep #150

0:00 Intro – Picking up at the cliff wall mount from Episode 1
3:00 Hand Evaluations
25:00 Josh Arieh signs up with to talk about the hands he played, his experience on the program, PokerStake and more!
50:00 Finishing up Ep02

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Game of Gold Recap Show! "The Added Pressure" Feat. Josh Arieh | EP02 | – DAT Pod Ep #150

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  1. The way Daniel talked about Michael’s play in the last vlog lead me to believe he would bust early (which ended up being the case)… but much better this vlog, no hinted spoilers!

  2. In the A4 vs AQ hand XRBB you dont talk about the preflop call which seems….. really bad, right ?

  3. Great breakdown guys, loved hearing Josh talking through his thought processes as well. A “directors cut” 2 hour long episodes done afterwards would be amazing.

  4. Im hoping for a twist of game type in future some omaha or mixed game rounds

  5. Haven’t watched poker in a while. Just now getting back into it. Danny has always been my fav. Glad to see he has an active channel!
    Thanks for the upload. Looking forward to binging the videos!

  6. How did Jungleman not get an honorable mention for just being knocked out almost the entire episode?

    1. a lot of people thought jungle just didn’r care but i’m pretty sure it’s that he understood for him and his game, watching other people play won’t help him significantly in the long run so he’d rather be refreshed to play rather than studying to “gain an advantage”

  7. Hey guys great job. Could you put a graphic for the hand breakdown, it’s tough to remember the different spots while you’re discussing it.

  8. I think the JJ4 hand, somebody should have asked Josh what does he do with hands like 55-99 when he gets here when he decides not to raise these hands preflop. I can see those hands check raising to protect on the flop. I also fully believe Charlie was calling to try to bluff on a later street. So when the A hits on the river, a very small bet or check could have induced Charlie to bet or jam targeting those small pair hands. I think the big bet on the river from Josh was horrendous unless he is targeting over pairs because for that price, I think an Ace can just fold.

  9. Any chance you could do some graphics when you discuss a hand? Cheers!

  10. I totally Agree, ‘Chip and a Chair’, Andy going ALL-IN with 1.1BBS, when he should have waited another Hand, especially with ALL PLAYERS in the Pot, maths, every hand you’ve got 25% odds to Win, and going in with 4-2os, 18% chance…. Crazy… it doesn’t matter how good your team is, when you’ve got a Weak-Link…. (oh, I have a 47% win ratio in MTTs, and try to master every Category, MTTs, 6 handed, and Heads Up (you need those skills for Final Tables), Thanks to Daniel NEGREANU, he got me back into T’H’EM poker, and I’ve combined his advice with my strategy TO WIN!

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