Game of Gold Recap Show! “Quick & Easy” With David Williams | EP07 | – DAT Poker Pod Ep #155

0:00 Introduction
00:55 Cliffhanger from E06, Maria's Timebank EV
6:50 Josh & Andy's Match
18:10 David's Response
28:30 David Williams Joins Daniel To Talk Ep 6, Going On 'FBT'.
47:00 Finishing up E07.
55:20 Terrence Coin Calc Correction.
56:00 Season 2?

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Game of Gold Recap Show! "Quick & Easy" With David Williams | EP07 | – DAT Pod Ep #155

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  1. Man Andy made some mistakes but David just destroying his teammate just to later bust out was embarrassing to watch…yet so satisfying! Karma got him lol

  2. Once again, the value of the coins is 1:1 big blinds in the final round. You guys keep saying you don’t know what the value of the coins will be. It was made abundantly clear in episode 1! I’m more tilted than DW right now!

    1. Nice 1. I missed that in episode 1. Admittedly I wasn’t that fired up but I am now. Great content for poker

    2. I agree, they clearly stated that 1 gold coin is equal to 1 big blind in the final round. Idk how they could miss this.

      For reference, you can check the 15 minute 12 second mark of the first episode.

    3. Yeah, he says that clearly at the beginning. It’s understandable that your average fan misses that or forgets it, but Daniel should absolutely know that. No excuses there.

    4. They said that in the first episode but seems like the players either weren’t told and it was done in post — or they simply forgot haha

  3. Andy being a cash player was really evident in heads up. Also bc he pegged Josh as nit, got wrecked which tilted DW

  4. Ali Nejad literally says the gold coins will be converted to chips at a rate of 1 Big Blind per coin, 15:15 into Episode 1. Daniel WAS IN THE ROOM! Ali had only been talking for 45 seconds. You know every minute of every episode so far but can’t grasp this clearly defined rule of the game?! What?!

  5. Jungle v Yoh was crazy last episode. He finally figured out he should’ve gone 1st. I didn’t see him as being that confrontational but I should have bc he’s soo intelligent and a straight up assassin!

    1. he did not figure out anything.. it was already discussed pre first match. and pads is saying on Twitter going third is not that bad.

  6. To the value of the gold coins: wasn’t it mentioned in the first episode that every gold coin is one big blind in the final?

  7. Great show, as always. A nice ending segment would be your predictios for the next episode.

  8. ”I’m still hurting.” Should have been cut out from this clip. Unfortunately an obvious spoiler of DWs ultimate fate in this show.

    You could see it on Dnegs reaction too. ”Oops”

  9. The disgust on David’s face when Andy came back from his match spun me 😂

  10. For the value of the coins at the end (being 1 coin = 1 BB) it is pretty similar to Party Poker’s Premier League Poker from so many years ago where players played and earned points and then at the final table the points were turned in to chips.

    At the final table the points/chip leader would usually have as much as 3x the number of chips of the shortest stack at the table, but having that big chip advantage wasn’t like some guarantee of who was going to win.

    It seems like here they are going to be pretty deep stacked at the end where a few extra chips might help a little, but likely won’t be the deciding factor.

  11. Hell yeah guys, finished the ep and went straight here, thanks again for the quick uploads!!

  12. Great pod guys! Im so excited for this GOG series and what it is going to do for poker entertainment. ❤

  13. Goldenballs, it was called here in the UK, with Jasper Carrot, the boss, presenting

  14. Btw i know it was 2 episodes ago, but terrence’s math was incorrect on EV difference between going first and going third. Assuming everyone has a 50% chance of winning going 3rd is 11.25 gold coins worth of EV worse than going first

    Edit: lmfao nevermind I just finished the vid and saw that you addressed this. Proud of myself for catching it I guess

  15. DNegs, Unless I am mistaken, Ali said in the first episode that at the final table the coins will equal to the amounts of BBS chips you will have

  16. @53:20 D Negs the best strategy is to tell the other player you’re going to steal and the only way they will get half is by trusting you and splitting and then you force them to do that

  17. Watching these Gof G podcasts it strikes me that Daniel is a very good interviewer. 👍👍

  18. Brilliant interview with David. He’s top notch.Been LOVING Game of Gold!

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