Full House When Aggro Pro Raises Massive!! Punishing Everyone In BIG WIN!! Poker Vlog Ep 261

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Full House When Aggro Pro Raises Massive!! Punishing Everyone In BIG WIN!! Ep 261

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  1. i don’t even play poker any more . but i really enjoy coming back and watching your videos . your very entertaining brad ! much love from canada!

    1. I played online and live during the hay-days from 03-08. But same. People are still exploitable. You ran good though

    2. You’re officially a dude I wouldn’t want to get trapped against at a Joe Schmo table

    1. What a stupid raise by the “pro”. Like why try to get fancy with the overbet merge? Probably thought Brad will hero call with marginal hands but it’s such a bad play.

    2. @@BradOwenPokerHe must’ve not thought through the hand at all since basically the only weak flushes you have contain the 9d since almost every other flush draw folds to a turn overbet OOP on a paired board. Just strikes me as a suicidal “Brad’s unprotected teehee” bluff that exploded in his face

  2. Brad came with the zinger lines in today’s vlog! Much love Brad, so happy to see you posting regularly.

    1. “possibly making a flush which is not only my goal when i go to work but also mario and luigi’s goal when they go work” was my favorite xD

    2. I’m glad you’re getting in some nice family time
      I really enjoyed the time at the Graton And Thanks for the Bradley dollar 😂
      Maybe i’ll run into you in Vegas when I go there for the Steelers game.
      Keep up the awesome wit and humor in your vlogs,Chuck

    3. you outdid yourself this time… they just kept coming. you may have missed your calling – @@BradOwenPoker

  3. “And the opponent has a new memory, so everyone kind of walks away with something” 😂

    1. Hilarious, I didn’t see you comment before I wrote the same thing, it took me a minute to stop laughing my butt off, dude is funny.!!😂

  4. lol, had me sent with that Jim Kelly bit. He HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH!! LOL

  5. I think Brad Owen is the most improved player I have seen. Very impressed by this vid. The Pocket 2’s fake blocker bet was genius. Well played.

  6. I recently attended the Graton meet up and was impressed by the number of people present. Brad, I had several 9.5 hands that were unsuccessful, but it was still a great experience. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to say hello, but it was wonderful to see you and Andrew. Keep having the time of your life.

    1. Thanks for coming out. Always feel free to say hello, that’s what we’re there for. I’m glad you had a cool experience at least.

    2. @@BradOwenPoker I was there too. It was tons of fun. You actually sat on my direct left and knocked me out of the tournament, which you may not recall (I had pocket 6s and you called with QJ and rivered me). In fact I revealed my 6’s a bit too early before I realized there was someone who still had to take action in the hand lol. I have massive social anxiety so have trouble speaking up and talking to people I don’t know well. Still, it was a great “mug tournament” and thank you and Andrew for hosting. Hope it happens again sometime soon!

    3. ​@@ken138 Yeah that was a fun day too. We’ll be back at some point.

  7. Massive play on the AK of spades. Loved it. Brad from 5 years ago doesn’t make that play… playing with heart these days (and good, well thought out move). Great video – thanks for the content.

  8. That Q4 hand was funny as, ” because you believe me” then tables it😅 great way to read into it mate 🤙

  9. Good professional session….great judgement in all the hands shown…Keep It Up !!

  10. Love the psychoanalyzing of your opponents followed by the action plan in this one. Thanks for another great vlog Brad. 👍

  11. These videos are my saving grace at the end of a long Monday. Love the content, Brad! Look forward to them every week.

  12. Awesome breakdown especially the Pocket 2’s and AKs hands! Knowing the player type in the first hand to put out the blocker bet with him was very nice! In terms of the AKs you let us know he had put out 40% of his stack OTT so it had a good bit of risk element to it but still you had enough in your range with all the OP’s to get him to fold and as you said had the backup plan! Thanks as always for making great content and enhancing our great game we all love Brad!!

  13. If not for that huge 2-2 play, this session would have almost been a break-even. But that’s what’s so good about your play: You hung on for hours, waiting for the right moment to strike rather than playing really loosely and maybe bluffing it off. Nice job — I hope to elevate my game to this level!

  14. Three ducks going the speed limit in a boat was so meta Brad i applaud you 👏👏👏

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