FULL HOUSE vs TRIPS!! Can Charles Make the Hero Fold?

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FULL HOUSE vs TRIPS!! Can Charles Make the Hero Fold?

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    1. Yeah Absolutely. Most poker superpros here will probably say « easy fold, he can only beat a bluff »
      Andy would very often bluff that river ..

  1. Never would’ve guessed id be hearing them talk about video games and the ones I play alot at that so dope

  2. They were going at each other pretty this session I would love to see these two battle heads up cash, deep stack poker. Would be very entertaining, they don’t talk much but for some reason they had some very wild hands and I actually seen Andy show some hands

  3. The thing with folding and showing the Q there is he’s either setting up action for later hands, by that I mean he’ll try and get people to bluff him by showing that. But they just ended up having it.

  4. Is Charles spreading the pot himself? I know it’s a “home game” but he pulls his hand away from the pot closed and then moves it to his lap

  5. I generally used to find that the players getting massages dont make as good of decisions than when they arent getting one. This comes from many thousands of hours of dealing. Charlie is an incredible player even at the highest stakes and at omaha as well.

  6. I will never forget that this is the same guy that folded a 4 5 full house against JR and was right

    1. Wrong. Folding a full house in no limit is always wrong, even when you’re right you’re wrong.. and a nit

    1. One of those players who’s very loose and splashy preflop, but has played enough poker to know where he’s at post flop and not lose too many chips.

  7. sick sick fold by charles against Andy – my eyes would have lit up after seeing that Queen on the river – I probably would have called in that spot

  8. Charles having one of those sessions ‘I can’t possibly be running into it again?’ Yes, yes you are

  9. Personally I like seeing the proper fold or call on a massive pot or collision hand. If you can fold a full house to a better another full house, that’s a great player. I’d rather see that than an all in call.

  10. Good fold for Charles but he should never have gotten himself in that position to begin with. Calling a pot-sized bet on the turn with second pair and a gutter is asking for trouble. Andy could have KQh and still be ahead, for instance.

  11. Airball’s Chinese has improved a lot, as he can discuss poker with it. Impressive

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