Full House vs Full House! Can He Fold?

Two players make a at the Masters, but will the loser have the ability to escape it?

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vs ! Can He Fold?

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    1. @M equals 13 (1) it wasn’t top pair on the flop but middle pair and (2) pretty much anything on the turn and river will be higher – usually. check here is reasonable.

    2. @Egrin The flop was 749 and fox had 10-7, if the 7s is the top pair on that flop i’ll let you know exactly what i’m smokin…

    3. @psylencecy no he meant who would check a 9 on the flop? In response to the other question.

    1. @V S. Zeebo theorum. It’s a theory that you should never ever fold a full house. Ever.

    2. @V S. the theory that players are incapable of finding folds with a full house

  1. I got in this same scenario on Saturday. I was third to act after the River. it was 6-2-10-10-10. I had pocket and sevens and folded after the other two both went all in. Winner had a 6… It was my second time playing cash lol.

    1. Ngl that’s a call bro unless u think they got a higher pocket pair then urs

    2. @Vincent Guardino the guy that called the initial all in was only playing premiums and had shown the nuts on his last one or two river calls. I figured initial had a higher pocket or the caller had the 10.

    3. @Joshua Morrow Nah yea both of them going all in puts u in a tuff spot

    4. two people shoving all in river, I would fold as well with 7s, they will eventually lose all their money playing like that when you actually have a better hand like 9s plus

  2. They both look like they’re getting a massage from an invisible masseuse lol

  3. I can’t count how many times people get greedy and shove in spots like this. It’s so silly you are getting insta called betting around 850,000. You give your opponent no credit for being able to fold and give him a chance to avoid a massive mistake. Really common huge error in my opinion.

    1. These are some of the best players in the world, I think they know more than you about this spot. The point of an overbet is to polarize your range and so you can get more value from your best hands and so you can bluff more frequently. Imagine if your opponent is going to fold a 7 to an overbet – he’s basically always folding and so shoving as a bluff is going to be insanely profitable. But you can’t do that if you don’t actually have any value hands in your range as well.

      It’s fine as an exploit at lower levels to bet smaller for value and overbet as a bluff if you think people aren’t going to pick up on you doing that.

  4. Clickbait. Technically they both have full houses, but cmon not what we expected from the title.

    1. @Juan Wick Yeah with their preflop holdings if the board had come out that way all the chips go in, and it’s not a decision.

    2. yeah, literally any pair is a fullhouse on that board, it wasn’t that dramatic.

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