FULL HOUSE In $25,000+ Pot Against Doug Polk!! VERY SPECIAL!! Poker Vlog Ep 200!

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High Stakes 3-Way ALL IN For $30,000+!! Biggest Pots Of My LIfe! VERY SPECIAL!! Ep 200!

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  1. No joke I went on YouTube about 3 minutes ago to see if you uploaded as I had a craving for a poker vid… thank god you delivered minutes later… I didn’t even know your uploading schedule. Thank you!!

  2. One of my most favorite YT channels ever. Congrats Brad! You got me into poker again!

  3. Vlog #200! Super glad to have been there since nearly the beginning. I forgot how many vlogs you had out when I first followed you 🙂

  4. Haven’t played poker in a few years but your videos are definitely getting me back into playing! I’ll be in Vegas next week for my birthday and am going to jump back into 2/5 at the Aria. Hoping for some run good!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on the 200, it’s been a great ride and looking forward to more

  6. 200!

    A personal thanks Brad. I had lost interest in poker the past few years and didn’t play much at all anymore. Then I found your videos, got the itch to start playing again and most of all because of your videos I am playing better than I ever have.

  7. Brad, this is my favorite YouTube channel right now BY FAR! Because of you, I host a monthly poker night with 12 guys on a sick table and we all play for 7+ hours. I have learned so much from you and it is so entertaining to watch you play and improve. I am so pumped to watch this episode! If you’re ever in Utah, you gotta let me know and you can come and play with us!

  8. A true hero to our generation. I love you Brad! Love from Oli, Joseph and Max!

  9. Congratulations Brad! I don’t even play poker but I watched every video so far, that’s how entertaining these vlogs are. Keep it up, buddy!

  10. Love the intro. I want to say thank you for the content also. I have learned so much and I play poker so much better thanks to your videos. Glad to see you living the dream man keep up the great videos!

  11. We are grateful Brad! Enjoying every video you post! Happy to hear you can make your dreams come true, we got your back 🙌🙌

  12. Love that intro! Crazy to think what a wild journey you’ve been on, and it’s been amazing to watch your growth along the way!

  13. Hey Brad, First of all congratulations for your ep 200 and greetings from Mexico.

    This video was great. We need more of these! Even if you don’t participate in them it would be great to see it with your analysis

  14. Congratulations Brad. You got me into poker this past year. Thanks for all the videos

  15. Every time I watch a Brad vlog I usually have a meal/snack to go along with it so now when I get the notification that he posted, my mouth starts watering. I Pavlov’d myself with poker vlogs smh

  16. Alright Brad
    This episode is very unique after 1 minute.
    The intro is made my day, priceless!!!! 👍😃
    All the best in the future

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