Full Gamble in Florida! | Poker Vlog #403

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Full Gamble in Florida! | Poker #403

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  1. So, which Hollywood do you prefer playing in? I think Florida’s Hollywood wins hands down but I’m a bit biased since it’s my home state.

  2. Let’s GOOO!! Hopefully a visit to Ohio is in order. Columbus and Cleveland have nice poker rooms.

    1. Hollywood Toledo just moved their room – but the action is OK… Maybe an Ohio tri-fecta on the way to Detroit?

  3. I cant believe you didn’t win with the pocket 4s, I didn’t think that was possible 🤔

  4. There it is finally my home court! Great video ethan. Sorry they weren’t so video friendly there for you which you were there! ♠️♥️♦️♣️

  5. See this is the reason why I can’t follow on all platforms. I already knew how this trip went and you are living in Vegas now. Lol. Have a great day! Good luck getting that second WSOP ring online.

  6. I realize you save some live stream stuff for members but switching a livestream that was public that I was watching off and on when you’re at the final table of a tournament to members only was kinda crappy. I was watching live but missed the ending and now don’t know how you did.

  7. I live in Florida and never seen pineapple for high stakes. People will ask or try to bring it up when action slow

  8. Won the 1st tournament I used my new luck box card protector for 😁 thanks for the luck bro!

  9. You should come to Playground Poker Club in Montreal (Canada) 😎. I suggest you wait for the summer though as it’s quite cold right now over here…😅

  10. Enjoyed the pineapple holdem Nice twist. How about the Tampa Hard Rock while in Florida. Or if you really want to lower your standards One Eyed Jacks in Sarasota. Good luck in Florida. Last time I looked your card protectors were out of stock. Will check again

  11. Ethan, visit Houston! Fantastic poker scene and delicious food and golf and wonderful weather for next 3 months. Come on!

  12. Been waiting for this content! Something about seeing action in the state you live in hits different 👍

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