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  1. Yes sir! Officially an awesome day! Banger Nation! Can’t wait to see what’s next

  2. Awesome. Love flopping quads.

    Every draw didn’t miss tho, 79 of hearts just hit a straight. Which is definitely a hand that would bet and call your check raise.

  3. I probably would have bet the turn with AQ. Top pair, flush draw……. it’s easy to armchair QB tho. Great content, as always Ethan!

  4. Always enjoy the content!! 10d10c hand only one 1 flush draw gets there on the turn card. No biggie. Thanks for posting.

  5. Nice job to come back from up, then down, to finish up 1500. Gotta love it. Keep upticking and that solid WSOP bankroll will be there 🙂

  6. as always. entertaining. Goodluck on your nxt game ethan. from Philippines

  7. One of my biggest leaks.. calling on the river on double checked run out…. so frustrating

  8. Good morning Ethan. It’s 1A.M. and I’m up already. Nothing to do but watch your video. It’s nice to wake up with a new video up loaded already. Very nice beginning of the session with AJ. Wow, very nice flopped with pocket 88. Happy to see your bluff went through. Maybe you have the best hand after all. Nice hand to end the session. See you on the next video. Peace🌹

  9. I would not have overbet that large with quads, maybe an overbet by 100$ or something, but not that large.

    I would’ve bet 800-1000$

  10. Cheers from India brother man!! love ur vlogs, and still trying to learn..loll..keep up the good work!! rather hard work..

  11. On the quads hand you say that every draw misses, but surely 97 gets there on that board? Obviously an unlikely hand for the villain to have, but just thought I’d mention it! 🙂

  12. BRO I thought this was Encore off rip!! please do a poker event there thatd be fire

  13. “I SUCK AT THIS GAME” Hey! that’s my line, I’m going to patent it.😁👍

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