Flopping a Full House and Opponent RAISES to $7,700! $125,000 Cash Game Buy -In | Poker Vlog #472

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Flopping a Full House and Opponent RAISES to $7,700! $125,000 Cash Game Buy -In | Poker #472

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  1. always great to see the next great vlog! bangers 3 days a week! hell yeah 😎

  2. That 8 of diamonds on the river was the worst. Pairs the board and flush draw gets there. 😩

  3. Playing for 100k while sharing a room and eating fast food… living the dream, lol.

  4. “I’m not gonna tell some random person how much I won”! Oh by thr way almost 200k random people, I won 32k😂😂😂

  5. Rampage is the goat look forward to your videos everyday keep up the good work boss

  6. Wait! Did you just call Mariano “random people”? He should pull your best friend card for that one. 😂

  7. Having Mariano laught while eating fat food as you said you were in for over 100.000k was priceless. Living the dream.

  8. I live my professional poker dreams through all of the vlogger I watch. You, Mariano, Brad and of course the goat Neeme. Appreciate all the content Rampage

  9. Good luck in the next one I saw some of your clips from other players posting you did awesome man 👍😉

  10. “E” your demeanor and play at the table was TOP NOTCH 👌
    Stay the course 👏
    *you probably could’ve gotten away from a couple non-believing punts but, that’s it!!!

  11. Good morning/afternoon Ethan. Great starting hand AQ. Nice hand on that K 10. Nice win too. Pocket 44 are good this time. AJ is good. Too bad your straight is not good. Great winning session. See you on the next stream. Peace🌹

  12. New subscriber here Rampage. Wanted to congratulate you on your huge win. Congrats man couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Congrats ❤ 👏 💯💥

  13. Well done too you.. 1-2 less than 2 years ago now super high stakes..
    Keep living the dream 👏👏

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